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Updated 17 March 2014

This list provides the "names", "email addresses" and "last known whereabouts" of Radar Techs of the Canadian Forces".
With the creation of the new Canadian Forces trade structure for electronics trades and the subsequent demise of the Radar Tech trade in all its forms, an attempt is being made here to list anyone who ever worked on "Ground Based" radars regardless of how long they were in the trade.

Eligibility for inclusion on this list includes: RTG Techs, RMG Techs, RTG(CW) Techs, RTG(NA) Techs, "231" Radar Techs, Radar Techs of the USAF who served on the Pinetree Line, wartime service Radar Techs, Tel M Supt Ground and RCAF Performance Checkers.

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PLEASE NOTE : These email addresses may or may not be current.

Squadron Coats of Arms, Crests and Shoulder patches of the Pinetree Line

Memory Lane: A few photos !

-: A :-

Last Name First/Nick Name EMAIL Last known whereabouts (mo/yr)
Abbott Bruce   Harbor Grace NF (02/05)
Abbott FJ (Skip) Jaad95@nethop.netxx Keremeos BC (02/10)
Ackeral Dennis Contact family at
Edmonton AB (deceased 03/00)
Acorn William (Bill) w.a.acorn@sympatico.caxx Nepean ON (12/01)
Acton Chuck chaction@sasktel.netxx Yorkton SK (08/11)
Acton Phil   Shearwater NS (90)
Adams Bill bbadams@telus.netxx Innisfail AB (06/04)
Adams Claude   Salmon Arm BC (09/06)
Adams Les   Selkirk MB (97)
Adams Phil   Vernon BC (08/98).
Adlington Ray r.adlington@ns.sympatico.caxx Dartmouth NS (08/00)
Agasse Dennis   Senneterre QC (64)
Aiken Ted   Trenton ON 09/81)
Aldwinckle Clive cliveald@sympatico.caxx Waterloo ON (10/09)
Aldridge Rae (Hank) raeald@gmail.comxx Oakbank,MB (06/13)
Alexander Jim   Stephenville NF (01/01)
Alexander Rick rcalex@sprint.caxx Winnipeg MB (07/98)
Alexander Smokey alexandersoftware@shaw.caxx Calgary AB (06/05)
Amacher Denny amacherd@hotmail.comxx Perth Road ON (04/02)
Amyotte Al   Dartmouth NS (deceased 21 Nov 2011)
Anaka Dan   North Bay ON (deceased 64)
Anderson Andy   St. Catherines ON (12/98)
Anderson Dave   Ottawa ON (08/97)
Anderson Harold   Kelvington SK (10/98)
Anderson Jack   North Bay ON
Anderson Jock   Edmonton AB (98)
Anderson Ken logan5@shaw.ca xx Comox BC (04/05)
Anderson Rick   Bathurst NB (08/98)
Anderson William (Bill) wanderson@sympatico.caxx Ottawa ON (12/08)
Andre Louis louandlou@eastlink.caxx Kingston NS (06/11)
Andreson Andy randresn@mts.netxx Brandon MB (07/00)
Ans Glen   Winnipeg MB (07/64)
Anslow Bob   Cold Lake AB (01/64)
Ariano Lou   Borden ON (09/89)
Arlt Kurt kwarlt@shaw.caxx Calgary AB(04/07)
Armstrong Cam   Innisfail AB (deceased 01/01)
Armstrong John   Saskatoon SK (deceased 15/10/02)
Armstrong Kenneth Home: kenarmstrong@sympatico.caxx
Orleans ON (11/03)
Arnold Jack joan.arnold@sk.sympatico.caxx Saskatoon SK (98)
Armstrong Joe joesoften@shaw.caxx Vernon BC (12/01)
Arnott Russ   Foymount ON (01/59)
Arsenault Kurt kurta@ns.sympatico.caxx Kentville NS (01/02)
Arsenault Ted   Bowser BC (12/97)
Ashby Mike widget-mkck@sympatico.caxx Trenton ON (11/01)
Ashley Greg   Elmsdale NS (09/98).
Aspireault Yvon yaspirault@hotmail.comxx Rivière au Renard Gaspé QC
Atkins Doug whatshisname@shaw.caxx Galgary AB (10/09
Attenborough Douglas dattenborough@rogers.comxx London ON (03/06)
Auer Leo   Gimli MB(deceased)
Austin Jim   Innisfail AB (01/01)
Austman Donald J. Family & friends contact c/o
(deceased 1989)
Avey John   Edmonton AB (deceased Mar 96)
Ayton Robert r.ayton@cogeco.caxx Oakville ON (10/02)

-: B :-

Last Name First/Nick Name EMAIL Last known whereabouts (mo/yr)
Bachman Charles (Chuck) backupchuck@shaw.caxx Westbank BC (04/06)
Bacon Mel   Ramore ON (12/73)
Badilotti Richard riko@autobahn.mb.caxx Winnipeg MB (08/04)
Baggs Jim nap_15@telus.netxx Red Deer AB(11/09)
Bahme Bob   (deceased 98)
Bahnsen Derek   KingstonON (81)
Bailey Jim   Port Rowan ON (deceased)
Baird W (Bill)   Penticton BC (deceased 01/06)
Baird WR (Bill) wrbaird@shaw.caxx Penticton BC (04/02)
Baisley Doug baisleyd@telusplanet.netxx Oyen AB (deceased 17/06/03)
Baker Forbes   St. Eleanors PE (08/98)
Baker Wayne   Yorkton SK (81)
Baldwin Bill baldwin.wb@forces.gc.caxx Ottawa ON (05/05)
Ball Mike mball@telusplanet.netxx Calgary AB (10/00)
Balog Art   North Bay ON(deceased)
Bannah Les    
Baranski Jack   Belleville ON (05/99)
Barbeau Gilles   Moisie QC (78)
Barber Hugh   Victoria BC (deceased 6/12/95)
Barber Bill   (deceased)
Barker Joe jmbarker@shaw.caxx Kamloops BC/Montserrat (06/04)
Barker John   Ramore ON(67)
Barker Len lkbarker@shaw.caxx Calgary AB (12/98)
Barlow Dave    
Barriault Gerry   Oromocto NB (12/97
Bartley Mark (Bart)   Trenton ON(97)
Barnes Danny   Falconbridge ON (72)
Basque Joe   Orleans ON (08/97)
Bateman Andy   Gypsumville MB. (75)
Bathgate Cal   Grand Prairie AB(09/89)
Bauml Pat   Napanee ON (01/99)
Beard Terry tbeard@eastlink.caxx Dartmouth NS (06/09)
Beaton Bill vera41061@yahoo.comxx Madison, NY (08/01)
Beaudry Daryl darylbeaudry@gmail.comxx Elie MB (11/11)
Beaudry Jim   Naniamo BC (97)
Beaule Pierre PierreBeaule@videotron.caxx Laval QC
Beaulieu Bert   NW Harbour NS (04/98)
Beaulieu Blondin beaulib@navcanada.caxx Moisie QC (11/02)
Beaulieu Gaetan Private Gatineau QC (06/04)
Beaulieu Simon simon8782000@yahoo.caxx Ottawa ON (04/06)
Bebee Roy roybb@sympatico.caxx Sunderland ON (11/99)
Becker Kathy   Trenton ON (07/98)
Becker Ron   Trenton ON(07/98)
Bedard Alex runnerplus@hotmail.comxx Greenwood NS (12/98)
Beebe John   Ottawa ON (deceased)
Beer Don cbeer@telusplanet.netxx Vegreville AB (04/01)
Beer Fraser   Shag Harbour NS (04/98)
Begin Bob   Ottawa ON (03/93)
Begin Gil   Chatham NB (deceased 24 Oct 2010)
Beland Ron   Moisie QC (65)
Belanger Normand   Holberg BC (80)
Beletski Donald gidobear@hotmail.comxx London ON (02/10)
Bell Scotty   Scotland (02/99)
Bellamy Walter (Walt) wbellamy@telusplanet.netxx Edmonton AB (12/07)
Bellehumeur Jules Work: jules.bellehumeur@tembec.comxx
Home: julesb@efni.comxx
Temiscaming QC (01/03)
Belley Stephane   Gagetown NB (09/99)
Benka Carl   Beausejour MB (65)
Bennett Eric golfbuddy43@hotmail.comxx
Kanata ON (11/13)
Bennett Garry desmaduit@hotmail.comxx Doyles NF (10/02)
Bennett Lee   Springside SK (97)
Bennett Mark   Senneterre QC (64)
Benson Ken   Beausejour MB
Benson Kevin kev.ben@sympatico.caxx Kanata ON (05/04)
Bernard Bernie   Trenton ON (07/83)
Bernard Jeff   Ramore ON (70)
Bernatchez Bernie    
Berry Dan    
Berube Charlie cberube@ns.sympatico.caxx Dartmouth NS (01/09)
Berube Ed   Ottawa ON (09/89)
Berthiaume Simon jas.berthiaume@forces.gc.caxx Trenton ON (11/02)
Best Volker fpbrat@hotmail.comxx Surrey BC (01/07)
Bethune Rick   Holberg BC (93)
Beveridge Jim   Edmonton AB (deceased)
Beveridge Harvey   Grand Centre AB (deceased 23 Mar 09)
Bickle Ray   Chibougamau QC (63)
Biesiada John   McMurdo Station Antarctica (01/00) deceased 07 Jan 2000
Billard lloyd J.   Dartmouth NS deceased 04 Sep 2009
Billet Donald E. billetyork@aol.comxx Quarryville Pa
Bimm Al   North Bay ON (deceased 11/98)
Birch Arnie   Regina SK (03/99)
Birch Frank Mfbmeb@gmail.comxx London ON (11/07)
Bircher  W.O. (Wally) wbircher@houston.rr.comxx Spring, TX (04/07)
Bird Bill    
Bissonette Don   Surrey BC (68)
Bizier Don central@videotron.caxx St-Hubert QC (07/04)
Black Leo   Kingston ON
Black Milton   Senneterre QC (64)
Blades Keith   Chibougamau QC (07/64)
Blair Yan   Gypsumville MB (75)
Blais Art acblais@cciwireless.caxx Bently AB (10/12)
Blais Michel jjmm.blais@sympatico.caxx North Bay ON (09/07)
Blais Serge . Val David QC (deceased 8/6/05)
Blanchet Guildo g.blanchet@videotron.caxx Québec QC (04/01)
Blanchette Jean   (deceased 1976)
Blessin Ron rabphx@juno.comxx Phoenix AZ (03/05)
Blundell Lloyd   Kingston ON (98)
Blutcheon Larry   Dana SK (81)
Bonnell Gary gbonnell@sprint.caxx Shearwater NS (09/98)
Bonnet Don   London ON (09/89)
Bonnet Bob   Bagotville QC (09/89)
Booth Jim jrb@canada.comxx Edmonton AB (07/02)
Boskwick Bill retiredcele@gmail.comxx near Elm Creek MB(04/12)
Botting Mike   Ottawa ON (09/89)
Bouchard John   Mayfield PE (08/98)
Bouchard Norm   Edmonton AB (90)
Boucher Gerry   Lorrainville QC (deceased 10/90)
Boucher Serge   Chicoutimi QC (09/97)
Boudreau Gilbert   Ottawa ON (09/97)
Bouliane Alain   Chibougamau QC
Bouwmeester Angela radar231@telus.netxx Vernon BC (01/04)
Bouwmeester John radar231@telus.netxx Vernon BC (01/04)
Bourget Marc barjout@bigfoot.comxx Quebec QC (09/11)
Bourgeois Conrad E. cbourgeois41@comcast.netxx Boston MA (11/08)
Bourgeois Donald donald7@rogers.comxx Grande-Digue NB (deceased)
Bourque Louis LouBou@Cogeco.caxx Kingston ON (09/04)
Bowers Bob   Kingston NS (12/98)
Bowles Karl kdbowles@rogers.comxx Russell ON (12/04)
Boychuck Wes & Lori   Trenton ON (98)
Boyd Douglas dgsb@nb.sympatico.caxx Oromocto NB 07/05
Boyd Jim   Goshen NS (04/98)
Bramble Ed   Peachland BC (01/96)
Branchard Ken bflat@ns.sympatico.caxx Pembroke NS (12/01)
Brandreth Paul p_brndrth@yahoo.caxx Ottawa ON (02/03)
Brandt. Bernie bbrandt1@cogeco.caxx Kingston ON (07/04)
Bratt Bill   Falconbridge ON (72)
Breckenridge John siriusxmrep@gmail.comxx Apple Valley CA USA
Breckman     Alsask SK (69)
Brennen Ron. rjbrennen@sympatico.caxx Carleton Place ON (deceased Sep 28,2011)
Breton Martial Pappy_05@hotmail.comxx Gatineau QC (04/12)
Brewer Wolfgang   Clinton ON (12/62)
Bridger Gord   Gander NF
Brill Ron   Baldy Hughes BC (78)
Brisson Andre   Kingston ON (98)
Broad Dale   Lethbridge AB (02/98)
Brodie Doug   Innisfail AB (01/01)
Brolund Bill   Red Deer AB (01/01)
Brooks Jim   Grand Prairie AB
Brooks Mike mike.brooks@shaw.caxx Calgary AB (05/12)
Brooks Rick   Ottawa ON
Brooks Rod   Ottawa ON (09/89)
Brophy Bob rbrophy@dryden.netxx Eagle River ON (12/03)
Brophy Pat    
Brost Harvey   Orleans ON (09/89)
Brown Bob bobdorbrown@aol.comxx DartmouthNS (09/03)
Brown Dan Browndjp@gmail.comxx Orleans ON (11/11)
Brown Darwin   London ON (02/99)
Brown David arvidann@gmail.comxx Renfrew ON (03/10)
Brown Dick trickeydickie@shaw.caxx Winnipeg MB (02/09)
Brown Mel   Kingston ON (90)
Brown Roger mapleleaf99@sympatico.ca xx Burlington ON (02/06)
Brown Vince vabrown@auracom.comxx Barrington Area NS (04/98)
Brown Wayne   Dana SK (81)
Brownlee Pete   Falconbridge ON (72)
Browse Ken    
Bruner Bob taishobear@shaw.caxx Nanaimo BC (10/03)
Brunne Jackie   Alsask SK (87)
Bryant Gerald (Gerry)   Summerland BC (05/07)
Bryce Gerry   Gypsumville MB (79)
Buchanan Greg glbuchanan@shaw.caxx Cochrane AB (01/03)
Buchanan John   Prince George BC (84)
Buchanan Nancy nancy.buchanan@tenetec.comxx Zufikon, Switzerland (05/11)
Buchko Rick   Toronto ON (02/99)
Buck Cecil W. cwbuck@ns.sympatico.caxx Bear River NS (deceased 12/11/05)
Buckerage Bill   Innerkip ON (12/98)
Buckley Tom nbrunner@telus.netxx Nanaimo BC (09/03)
Buckmaster Fred fbuckwin@shaw.caxx Winnipeg MB (10/04)
Budden Gord   Prince George BC
Budgel Rodger   Cold Lake AB (09/89)
Bugo Mike   North Bay ON (04/07)
Bulger Ivan ibent@pei.sympatico.caxx Charlottetown PEI (12/09)
Buness Don   Ottawa ON (03/93)
Bungay Gerry harbourbreton@sympatico.caxx Kingston ON (03/09)
Bunnage Bill   Ottawa ON(07/90)
Bunne Mike   Alsask SK (87)
Burgess Tom gut.trail@sympatico.caxx Dunrobin ON (07/99)
Burke Joe    
Burman Lawrence (Larry) lawrenceburman@seascape.ns.caxx Donkin, Cape Breton, NS (09/00)
Burnett Douglas R. (Smiley)   Kelowna BC (deceased 22 Mar 10)
Burns Garnett   Barss Corner NS 02/99)
Burns Pat   Edmonton AB (09/89)
Burns Ted   Trenton ON (73)
Burrell Steve   Shilo MB (09/90)
Burt Bill :ve3lqa@sympatico.caxx North Bay ON (Deceased 11/01)
Burt. Pauline ve3lqa@sympatico.caxx North Bay ON (05/99)
Burt Ron rjburt@telus.netxx Kamloops BC (06/05)
Burton Paul    
Butcher Frank mailto:ftrv99@cogeco.caxx Kingston ON (11/03)
Butler Charles J. (Chuck) charles.butler@ns.sympatico.caxx Nictaux, NS (08/09)
Butler Wayne   Sydney NS (98)
Butts Eric butts.et@forces.gc.ca Kingston ON (09/06)
Byers Scott   Kingston ON (05/00)

-: C :-

Last Name First/Nick Name EMAIL Last known whereabouts (mo/yr)
Cade Al ascade@telus.net Oliver BC (06/10)
Cadeau John   Sydney NS (01/60)
Cain Jack (John) ve7dbk@yahoo.caxx New Westminster BC (08/02)
Cairns Bill . Winnipeg MB (05/00)
Cairns George motel@nbnet.nb.caxx Miramichi NB (12/97)
Caissie Emile emile@NSIS.comxx Pictou NS (06/02)
Calder Jack jcalder@idirect.comxx Port Perry ON (12/98)
Calderbank Ray   Kamloops BC (07/70)
Callaghan Bob   Sioux Lookout ON (77)
Cameron Colin.   Brampton ON (12/98)
Cameron Fred fressh@shaw.caxx Peachland BC (12/01)
Cameron Rick   Kingston ON (92)
Cameron Roy r_pcameron@yahoo.comxx Kelowna BC (06/00)
Camirand Gus   Grand Prairie AB (09/89)
Campbell Ansel oakcam@live.comxx Florenceville NB
Campbell Bob   Moncton NB (11/98)
Campbell Don csfarm@telus.netxx Claresholm AB (06/12)
Campbell Hugh   Sydney NS (55)
Campbell Jacques Jk.Campbell@sympatico.caxx Ottawa ON (07/03)
Campbell Jim roebuckpair@aol.comxx Prescott ON (05/06)
Campbell Nev nevcam@xplornet.comxx Near Hampton NB (12/10)
Campbell "Red"   Penhold AB (deceased)
Camsell Fred   Lumby BC(09/01)
Cannady Steve scannady@telusplanet.netxx Hinton AB (07/99)
Canning Howie scanning@telus.netxx Edmonton AB (98)
Card JP   Holberg BC (06/67)
Carle Roger   Leduc AB (deceased 12/02)
Carlisle Gary gjcarlisle@sympatico.caxx Stirling ON (06/07)
Carlyle Bob carlyles@shaw.caxx Comox BC (01/02)
Caron Gilles gillescaron@lesculpteur.comxx
Website: www.lesculpteur.com
Batiscan QC (12/05)
Carr George   Dana SK (79)
Carr (Jones) Karen kcarr231@shaw.caxx Airdrie AB (02/05)
Carr Tim   Gary NB (09/99)
Carrol Ev   Gander NF (01/59)
Carrier Claude   Sydney NS (90)
Carrier Jean-Paul jcarrier@cae.caxx Terrebonne QC (07/99)
Carrier Joe jcarrin622@rogers.comxx Petit-Rocher NB (03/05)
Carruthers Chris (Red) chrismolly@eastlink.caxx Lower Sackville NS (10/02)
Carson Kit   Port Hardy BC (Deceased 11/96)
Carson Neil    
Carter Cal c-carter@roarrunner.nf.caxx Gander NF (11/98)
Carter Sid ascarter@mts.netxx Lac du Bonnet MB (11/03)
Carver Glen   Senneterre QC (01/68)
Castel Ken oldfurface40@hotmail.comxx Lloydminster, AB
Catley Greg gicat@sk.sympatico.caxx Craven SK (07/99)
Cauble Glenn gsonnyc@aol.comxx Rockledge FL (11/04)
Cavanagh. Tom   Chibougamau QC (07/64)
Cave David Max dcave@sasktel.netxx Saskatoon SK (04/02)
Cerniuk Ray raycer@telusplanet.netxx Innisfail AB (06/04)
Chamberland Jacques jchamberland@rogers.comxx Greely ON (06/04)
Chambers Ralph   Penhold AB (76)
Champagne Marcel   Halifax NS
Champion Don pampyc@sympatico.caxx Ottawa ON (03/06
Chapdelaine Claude   Cold Lake AB (07/81)
Chapeski Tony   Barry's Bay ON (10/99)
Chapman Gary   Ottawa ON(06/95)
Chapman John   St Margarets NB (84)
Chapman Ken   North Bay ON (07/66)
Charbonneau Barry   Smiths Falls ON. (deceased 05 Apr 05)
Charland Pete   Ottawa ON (90)
Charman Millard millardc@prodigy.netxx Wallace NS
Delray Beach Florida (03/99)
Charters Bob    
Chaudoir Thomas tchaud@beethoven.comxx Barrie ON (12/03)
Chauvin Emile   Windsor ON(07/83)
Chayer Marcel jomarce@hotmail.caxx Greely ON(08/11)
Cheeseman Graham Graham.Cheeseman@ns.sympatico.caxx Wolfville NS (01/01)
Chegwidden Ian ian@chegwidden.comxx Pitt Meadows BC (11/99)
Cheranowski Ed    
Cheyne Keith   Manotick ON (12/98)
Chickerowski Buck   Primrose Lake, CFB Cold Lake AB (74)
Chisholm David dvdchshm@art.wustl.eduxx St. Louis MO (12/06)
Chuppa Wayne wayne@area51customs.caxx Valleyview, AB (10/06)
Chymyshyn Don   Thunder Bay ON (71)
Cicci Dino dinocicci@hotmail.comxx Colorado Springs CO (09/09)
Cinnamon Bruce   Edmonton AB (12/98)
Clark Al   Ottawa ON
Clark Robert   Comox BC (10/97)
Clark Tom   Sioux Lookout ON (deceased 22Aug 04)
Clarke Greg gkclarke@cablerocket.comxx Port Hardy BC (03/04)
Clarke LW (Whitey) sharlen1@telus.netxx Lacombe AB (11/05)
Clarke Sonny   Lowther ON (83)
Clarke Wilf wilfandbarb@sympatico.caxx Kingston ON(02/04)
Richard pyerut@hotmail.comxx Henrico, NC USA (06/98)
Clements Ray rclements@sprint.caxx Halifax NS (04/01)
Clemett Gordon cameo20000@hotmail.comxx Fort Langley BC and
Sointula Malcolm Island BC
Coburn Woody   Primrose Lake, CFB Cold Lake AB (74)
Cochrane Bob   North Bay ON (10/98)
Cole Ken   Washington State USA (02/99)
Cole Robert (Scotty) YA131@VICTORIA.TC.CAxx Victoria BC (08/00)
Collard Rosaire   Sept Isles QC (92)
Colletta Bob   Oliver BC (deceased
Collins Gerry   PierrefondsQC (09/89)
Collins Jim   Goose Bay NF (09/98)
Collins Patrick (Paddy) skippercollins@hotmail.comxx Gander NF (08/09)
Collins Terry tnjc@home.comxx Lethbridge AB (09/97)
Wartime Service
Aime ajcolonval@shaw.caxx North Vancouver BC (12/04)
Conlon Kerry   Gypsumville MB (79)
Connelly John    
Constantineau Mike   Greenwood NS (02/98)
Cook Al   Prince George BC
Cook Bill   Kamloops BC (12/97)
Cooke George pappyn@eastlink.caxx Debert NS (06/10)
Coon Roger rbcoon@shaw.caxx Winnipeg MB (01/04)
Cooper Ed   Goose Bay NF (73)
Cooper Ernie   Prince Rupert BC (85)
Cooper Joe contact Jill Cooper at
Blyth ON (deceased 01/99)
Coops Chuck   Edmonton AB (09/89)
Copeland Bob wendeec@ibm.netxx Prince George BC (deceased 17/10/13)
Copping John (Jack) jcopping@shaw.caxx West Vancouver BC (10/99)
Corby Chuck chuckcorby@shaw.caxx Edmonton AB (05/08)
Cormier Leo   Edmonton AB (deceased 22/10/ 03
Corrigan Larry   Ottawa Ont (07/95)
Corriveau Fred Corriveau.JGA@forces.caxx Comox BC (06/02)
Corriveau Roland (Rolly) coru1@vianet.caxx Corbeil ON (02/06)
Cossaboom Doug cossaboom@shaw.caxx Victoria BC (05/02)
Costello Vince gvcostel@storm.caxx Orleans ON (08/97)
Cote Pete   Senneterre QC (64)
Cote Richard (Ringo) Family Contact
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC
(Deceased 31/08/97)
Côté Roger (La Main Noire) hd4roger@sympatico.caxx Oshawa, ON (25/11)
Coulombe Pierre (Peter) biggrigg@mts.netxx Winnipeg MB (10/07)
Cousins Rod cousinsrod@hotmail.comxx North Bay ON (03/01)
Cowan Jack   Clinton ON (62)
Cowell Mike mike.cowell@cfewc.ndhq.dnd.caxx Ottawa ON (01/98)
Cox John jncox1@telus.netxx Prince George, B.C.(02/10)
Cox Hugh dhcox@quadro.netxx Sebringville, ON (04/06)
Craft George   North Bay (deceased Sep 94)
Craig Kent   North Bay ON (07/95)
Crawford Willie   Prince George BC (04/98)
Crawley Brian   Kingston ON(06/98)
Crosby Bob rcrosby@sasktel.netxx Saskatoon SK (deceased 25 Jan 04)
Crosby Dennis (Bing) emmajj@syd.eastlink.caxx Florence NS (12/04)
Crosby Gary    
Crowshaw Sam   Grande Prairie AB (12/01)
Crowell Bill   E. Baccaro NS (04/98)
Crozier Douglas dcrozier@sympatico.caxx Belleville ON (01/07)
Cruikshank Martin m_cruikshank@ns.sympatico.caxx Halifax NS (01/00)
Crummel Wally   Gander NF (02/99)
Cunningham John    
Cunningham Kim   Drumheller AB (01/01)
Cunningham Len lenkim@figment.caxx Carbon AB (04/09)
Curnin Bill Bcurnin@aol.comxx Fairfield CT
Currie Bob   North Bay ON (64)
Currie Ross rcurrie@telus.netxx Naniamo BC (04/05)
Cutler Ed   DEW Line (83)
Cyr Bernard (Bernie)   St Jean sur Richelieu QC (05/00)
Cyr Remi remi.cyr@lmco.comxx Ottawa ON (12/05)
Cyr Rick   Montreal QC (84)

-: D :-

Last Name First/Nick Name EMAIL Last known whereabouts (mo/yr)
Dagenais Denis   Olds AB (deceased 10/12/08)
Dahl Stewart VANCOUVER_1@HOTMAIL.COMxx Vancouver BC (04/01)
Dalby Steve sdalby@silomail.comxx Vanessa, ON (05/12)
Dale Robin dalerob@rogers.comxx Nepean ON (01/04)
Daley Mike daleys@telus.netxx Nanaimo BC (12/04)
Dalgarno Doug dalgarno@cox.netxx Wichita, Kansas(11/11)
Dalpe Jacque   Yorkton SK (69)
Dalton Brian briandalton@xplornet.comxx Cornwall ON (deceased 05 May 12)
Darcy Doug   Coquitlam BC (06/67)
Dart Ed   Foymount ON(65)
Davidson Bob rdavidson@dlis.dla.milxx Kalamazoo MI, USA (02/99)
Davidson Jim   Riverview NB (12/00)
Davidson Stu davidson@hurontario.netxx Caledon ON (11/98)
Davis George   Trenton ON
Davis Bob (Jigger)   Port Hardy BC (deceased 23Jun 11)
Davis Jim   Dana SK (70)
Davis Ken   Winnipeg MB (12/97)
Davis Roy rdavis@agt.netxx Calgary AB(09/98)
Dawson George    
Daws Allan allan.daws@3web.netxx Windsor ON (01/04)
Day Curt   Parent QC (61)
Day Ron   Kingston ON (88)
Dean John deancons@cogeco.caxx Brockville ON (11/10)
Deazley Bill william.deazley@nf.sympatico.caxx St John’s NL (02/07)
Decourcy Clement (Clem) Clement.Decourcy@videotron.qc.caxx Gatineau/Montreal QC (09/04)
DeForest Norman    
DeGroot John   Winnipeg MB (12/97)
Deil Al    
Deines Rex   Calgary AB (06/65)
Deitz Phil   Cold Lake AB (deceased)
DeKok Jack   Kanata ON(09/89)
Delaney Ernie   Sault Ste Marie ON
(deceased 6 Nov 02)
De La Vivetière Philippe philippe.d@bellaliant.netxx Pokemouche NB (10/09)
Dell Dick   Saskatoon SK (80)
Dellow John   Beaverlodge AB (60)
Delong Brian   Shearwater NS (09/89)
Delude Andy    
DeMaere John (Ted) cardem@istar.caxx Ashton ON (03/99)
D'Entremont Ron   deceased
DePottie Gord depottie@telus.netxx Medicine Hat AB (04/06)
Derry Robert (Bob) tubaderry@yahoo.caxx Frankford ON (05/03)
Deschamps Fernand   St Jean Sur Richelieu QC (93)
Deschenes Bernard bernard.deschenes@sympatico.caxx Aylmer,QC (01/11)
Desormeaux Pierre   St Jean Sur Richelieu QC (90)
Desharnais Pierre Pierre.Desharnais@lmco.comxx Orleans ON (05/12)
Desmeules Jack jjdes@shaw.caxx Kelowna BC (08/09)
Desservettaz Michael   Montreal QC (88)
Deveau Bruce kcunac@gmail.comxx North Bay ON(06/07)
Deveaux Ernie erniedeveaux@hotmail.comxx Paradise NF (12/01)
Dewar Archie    
Dewar Ted   Penhold AB(65)
DeWitte Peter pdewitte@netscape.netxx Dominion NS (06/00)
Dextraze Guy guy.dextraze@sympatico.caxx Gatineau QC (08/00)
Dick George    
Dickey Bob   Beausejour MB (12/97)
Dinham Gary biggar@magi.comxx Ottawa ON (08/97)
Dion Claude   Lac St Denis QC
Dion JAR (Alain)   Montreal QC (81)
Dionne Serge   Greenfield Park QC (12/98)
Dodds O.Ken ok.mk.dodds@sympatico.caxx Ottawa ON (01/04)
Doherty Doc   Kingston NS (04/98)
Dollimont Junior G. jdollimont@hotmail.comxx Appleton NF (01/07)
Dominey Rod . Dartmouth NS (12/06)
Donovan Steve . Saudi Arabia
Doody Len   Comox BC (07/77)
Dore Josh (aka Jocelyn or J.J.) josh.dore@asc-csa.gc.caxx St-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC (07/12)
Dorman Danny   Kingston ON (09/89)
Doucet Mario mariodoucet@sympatico.caxx Gatineau QC (02/10)
Doucette (ex USAF) Walter A1ANORMA@AOL.COMxx Melbourne Beach Fl.
Doughty Bruce bdoughty1@cogeco.caxx North Bay ON (04/12)
Douglas Gerry   Saskatoon SK (98)
Douglass Gerry   Winnipeg MB
Dowdy Ted teddowdy@hotmail.comxx Moosejaw SK
Downing Stewart stewart.downing@hotmail.comxx Dartmouth NS (07/07)
Doyle Bob taslsoma@gmail.comxx Charlottetown PE (06/13)
Doyle Dave d_am_ca@hotmail.comxx Stratford PEI (12/09)
Doyle John   Edmonton AB (08/01)
Dressler Don   Winnipeg MB (05/03)
Drew Reg regdrew@sioux-online.comxx Sioux Lookout ON (02/06)
Drury Rod Drury@silk.netxx Kelowna BC (07/02)
Dube Jean-Pierre   Moisie QC (76)
Ducharme Bernie ducharme@nrtco.netxx Eganville ON (11/98)
Duchesne Jean-Paul duchesnejp@videtron.caxx Papineauville, QC, (11/08)
Duclos Guy gduclos@b2b2c.caxx St-Jerome, QC (02/04)
Duesterdick W   Winnipeg MB (09/89)
Dufault Maurice   Carleton Place ON (09/89)
DuKate Richard olerichardduke@wmconnect.comxx Franklin Indiana
Duguay Laurie.   Kanata ON (08/97)
Dumais Richard r.dumais@seaside.ns.caxx New Victoria, Cape Breton, NS (03/07)
Dumont Alain   Montreal QC (05/00)
Duncan Stew   Sydney NS (61)
Dunn Lance . Edmonton AB (deceased 23 Sep 08)
Dunn Thomas thomasgeorgedunn@hotmail.comxx Kingston ON (05/08)
Duquet Rejean   Gatineau QC (98)
Durst Pete peter.durst@gmail.comxx Stittsville,ON (01/11)
Dutz Mel   Calgary AB (10/98)
Dyck Peter pdyck6@cogeco.caxx Windsor ON (01/11)

-: E :-

Last Name First/Nick Name EMAIL Last known whereabouts (mo/yr)
Eagles Darryl (Red) redeagles@shaw.caxx Penticton BC (02/13)
Eaton Mike   Kingston ON (12/98)
Eddington Don   Westbank BC (08/97 )
Edgar Harvey    
Edworthy Barry edworthb@telus.netxx Calgary AB (05/07)
Edworthy Jim j_edworthy@msn.comxx Trenton ON (05/11)
Ehrler Gerry agehrler@hotmail.comxx Oliver BC (10/99)
Ellenwood Mick   Cold Lake AB (deceased 13 Mar 09)
Elliott Robert . Saskatoon SK (deceased Oct 00)
Elliott Sandy    
Elsom Barry   MoisieQC (68)
Emerson Bill   Holberg BC (86)
Emond Olivier olivieremond@hotmail.comxx La Baie QC (12/03)
Enair Steven steven.enair@gmail.comxx Surrey BC (04/12)
Eng Jimmy    
English John jviola2@earthlink.netxx Simi Valley CA, USA
English Ron   Edmonton AB (09/89)
Ennis Harry   Toronto ON (deceased)
Esau Ken N.Esau@sympatico.caxx Thunder Bay ON (10/01)
Eslinger Sherman   Kingston ON (12/98)
Esterack Wally   Ottawa ON (09/89)
Estwick Sam   Gloucester ON (12/98)
Evans Don   North Bay ON
Evens Grant   (deceased 28 Mar 11)
Ewart Robert Graham rgewart@watarts.uwaterloo.caxx Stratford ON (11/99)

-: F :-

Last Name First/Nick Name EMAIL Last lnown whereabouts (mo/yr)
Fader Doug dfader@agt.netxx Calgary AB (03/00)
Falconer Jim sirjim@telusplanet.netxx Edmonton AB (07/99)
Fallock Les   Comox BC (09/89)
Fardy John   Kamloops BC (02/98)
Farquhar Darryl dfar@island.netxx Naniamo BC (11/98)
Farquhar Ron   Dartmouth NS (09/98)
Farrell Mike   Red Deer AB (98)
Farrow Lenn Family contact
Saskatoon SK (Deceased 03/02)
Farrow Paul pfarrow@cogeco.caxx Kingston ON(09/89)
Faryna Bill wmfaryna@telus.netxx Kamloops BC (02/10)
Fatt Fred fred@netbistro.comxx Prince George BC (10/03)
Faucher Alain   Moisie QC (76)
Faust Dave   Kamloops BC (06/00)
Feasey Ralph   Winnipeg (deceased)
Fehr Lorne   St Sylvestre QC (64)
Feldshun Al   Lahr Germany
Feltham Larry larry_feltham@hotmail.comxx Glovertown NF (08/04)
Fenwick Dave   Sydney NS (70)
Ferguson Ernest fergy@glenlawrence.comxx Kingston ON (12/06)
Ferris Gerry Home - s.g@mail.comxx
Work - gerry@ahearn.comxx
Orleans ON (01/12)
Feser Terry tfeser@telus.netxx Abbotsford BC (12/06)
Field John j.field@platinum.caxx Okotoks, AB(01/08)
Field Percy (Jerry) percy.f@hotmail.comxx Barrie ON (10/05)
Findlay Bob rfind@shaw.caxx High River AB(01/11)
Finkleman Irv finkirv@shaw.caxx Calgary AB (10/00)
Finlay Carl cfinlay@shaw.caxx Comox BC (02/03)
Fisher Gary   Senneterre QC (64)
Fisher Robert (Bob) rtfisher1955@hotmail.comxx Kingston ON(12/11)
Fitzgerald Charles cwfitz@aol.comxx Texarkana, Ar (05/03)
Fitzgerald John (Fitz) jfitz@aei.caxx Pierrefonds QC (12/03)
Fleck Stu   Winnipeg MB (05/03)
Fleigle George   Metz France (62)
Fleming JY   St Catharines ON (12/98)
Flemming Murray   Ottawa ON (02/99)
Flower Norm flowern@telus.netxx Comox BC (10/07)
Floyd Dean   Ottawa ON (12/97)
Foggo Graham gfoggo@bellalaint.netxx Quispamsis NB (07/12)
Foley Jim ButchPat20012002@hotmail.comxx Auburn NS (04/03)
Fonger Roy roydenf@ezlink.caxx Lucan ON (03/10)
Foosh Frank   Chibougamau QC (63)
Forges Doc   Kamloops BC (07/70)
Fortier Dave   Victoria BC (05/99)
Fortier Michel mfortier@wolfden.comxx Cold Lake AB (05/99)
Fortier Rick rfortier@shaw.caxx St.Albert AB (07/03)
Fortin Jay   North Bay ON (10/99)
Foss David   Falconbridge ON (68)
Fossheim Harry h-m@telusplanet.netxx Edson AB (09/03)
Foulds Neil   Saskatoon SK (deceased 14/08/07)
Fowkes Bob   Kingston ON (10/98)
Fowler Al   Ajax ON(09/89)
Fowler Les   Vancouver BC (96)
Frampton Chester   Isle Aux Morts NF (01/01)
Frampton Owen   Belleville ON(deceased 17/01/99)
Fraser Fen   St Margarets NB (85)
Fraser Tim   Comox BC (09/98)
Frausin Giorgio giorgio.frausin@tyndall.af.milxx Tyndall AFB FL (10/00)
Fredin Bert bfredin@telus.netxx Peachland BC (02/13)
Frenette Gaetan   Kingston ON (91)
Friesen Lloyd    
Frizzell Hugh   Kingston ON (deceased)
Fulford Elgin efulford@shaw.caxx Courtenay BC (04/06)
Funston John jfunston@bmts.comxx Tara ON (01/99)
Furdas Mike   Kingston ON (09/89).

-: G :-

Last Name First/Nick Name EMAIL Last known whereabouts (mo/yr)
Gaffney JC (Bert)   Ottawa ON (07/10)
Gagne Gord   Comox BC (deceased 02/06)
Gagne Marc   Goose Bay NF (09/89)
Gagne Mark   Ottawa ON(08/97)
Gagne Serge   Kingston ON (01/98)
Gagnon Clem   Chibougamau QC(07/64)
Gallant Rolly   Beausejour MB
Gallivan Harvey   Kingston ON (deceased 2002)
Gallon Hank   Kamloops BC (05/98)
Gamache Denis twintowr@shaw.caxx Comox BC (10/05)
Gander Jerry   Wellington ON(08/97)
Garcia Drew   Holberg BC (88)
Gardener Bill gardenerwj@home.comxx Calgary AB (08/99)
Gardener Kent   Edmonton AB (09/89)
Garland (nee Whittaker) Rena bob.rena@telus.netxx Grand Center AB (10/12)
Garraway Dave ivor05@telus.netxx Prince George BC (04/07
Gascon Roger   Ottawa ON(09/89)
Gates Bob    
Gates John sloele@telus.netxx Slocan BC (03/09)
Gauthier Michel   Bagotville QC (09/97)
Gauthier Michel   Ottawa ON (09/97)
Gauthier Ron   Summerside PE (12/98)
Gautier George   CFS Lowther ON (67)
Gavriloff Bill   Gypsumville MB (76)
Gay Bill   Port Cartier QC
Gear Joe   North Bay ON (07/66)
Geisler Wally   Cornwall ON (09/89)
Geldart Lorrie   Elgin NB (12/98)
Gelinas JP   Val Belair QC (deceased 94)
Gentes Simon   Trenton ON (09/97)
George Erle J. erle@karengeorge.comxx Brantford ON (02/2012)
Giberson Frank   North Bay ON (52)
Giffin Don   Germany (08/97)
Gignac Norman jgignac8@cogeco.caxx Windsor ON (08/05)
Giguere Alain alaingiguere@videotron.caxx Gatineau QC (07/09)
Giguere Gerry   Edmonton AB (01/99)
Gilbert Gai gai.gilbert@ec.gc.caxx Callander ON (01/05)
Gill Jack   Gagetown NB (09/99)
Gillieson Colin colin.gillieson@gmail.comxx Richmond ON (11/10)
Gillis Bernie   Barrie ON (92)
Girard Joseph L. (Gerry) jgirard@efni.comxx North Bay ON (08/00)
Glennon Dennis   (deceased 97)
Gleutek John   Beausejour MB (69)
Gobeil Rudy   Sioux Lookout ON (deceased)
Goch Bob unclebob@mts.netxx Winnipeg MB (05/05)
Godin John   Foymount ON (01/59)
Godin Ron tech231@telus.netxx Osoyoos BC (Deceased04 Mar 08)
Goetz Al   Ottawa ON (76)
Goodson John goodson.ja1@rogers.comxx Carleton Place, ON(09/07)
Goodfellow Ken   Mississauga ON
Goodyear Ernie   Goose Bay NF (73)
Gordon Don don.gordon@tncwireless.caxx Westville NS (10/08)
Gordon Ray   Gander NF (01/60)
Gorman Leo   Senneterre QC (64)
Goss Brian bretire1942@rogers.comxx Richmond ON (11/06)
Goss Noel (Pat) dragon_ventures@telus.netxx Coquitlam BC (05/99)
Gouthro Paul   Kingston ON (86)
Grabowski Ken   Holberg BC (07/78)
Graham Ed   Winnipeg MB (09/89)
Graham Eugene (Gene) egrg@telus.netxx Comox BC (10/03)
Graham Gordy eggraham@sympatico.caxx Sydney NS (deceased Jul 2010)
Graham James (Jim) no1kybo@yahoo.comxx Savannah Ga (05/03)
Graham Mark mlgraham@ns.sympatico.caxx Hubley NS (03/12)
Graham Tom   Ottawa ON (09/89).
Gratton Leo grattonla@hotmail.comxx Trenton ON (10/07)
Gratton Leon   Vernon BC (96)
Gratton Gene   Ramore ON (07/73)
Gray Brent brent.gray@sympatico.caxx Trenton ON (08/98)
Gray Dave   Winnipeg MB (98)
Gray Doug (Bob) dgray@mag-net.comxx Prince George BC (11/98)
Gray Robert (Bob) rrangus@hotmail.comxx Ottawa ON (02/13)
Graszat (MD) John jgraszat@cogeco.caxx/TD> Windsor ON (12/98)
Green Bob   Belleville ON (80)
Green Norm hnormgreen@yahoo.comxx Fredericton NB (02/02)
Green Rick ricgre@sympatico.caxx Upsala ON (05/05)
Green Wilf   London ON (05/03)
Greenfield Wimpy   Sydney NS
Greening Wally   Gander NF (10/98)
Greenough Wayne   Ottawa ON 06/64)
Gregory Bud   Red Deer AB (98).
Gregory (young) Bud   Goose Bay NF (09/98)
Grenier Claude   Trenton ON (88)
Grenier Jacques   Shannon QC (11/99)
Grenier Marcel marcelronda@msn.comxx Ile Bellevue, Ile Perrot QC (08/06)
Grenier Robert (Bob) robertgrenier@sympatico.caxx Gatineau QC (02/07)
Grieve Ross rcgrieve@cyberlink.bc.caxx Wycliffe BC (01/00)
Griffin Leo griffin@cablevision.qc.caxx Val-d'Or QC (10/02)
Griffiths Randy   Kingston ON (05/00)
Griffiths Ron   North Bay ON (12/97)
Grondin Bob    
Grouette Leo    
Guillemette Claude claude.guillemette@shaw.caxx Victoria BC (06/04)
Guillotte Alain a.guillotte@videotron.caxx Les Cèdres, QC (02/06)
Gunderson Jack   Gypsumville MB (79)
Gunderson Ray   Vancouver BC (09/89)
Gustafson Howard hgustafson@shaw.caxx Courtenay BC (01/10)
Gutoskie Dan dan.gutoskie@sympatico.caxx Seeleys Bay ON(01/01)
Guy Joe svoffcall@yahoo.comxx Kingston ON (05/09)

-: H :-

Last Name First/Nick Name EMAIL Last known whereabouts (mo/yr)
Hacock Jack   (deceased Dec 92)
Hagel Wayne Contact via daughter at :
Trenton ON (03/07)
Hagerman Al   Ottawa ON (deceased 08/09)
Haggerty Blaine   St John NB (85)
Halbert Al   Dana SK (01/64)
Hall Joe   (deceased)
Hamel Pierre phamel@sympatico.caxx St Hilaire QC (11/03)
Hamilton Bill   North Bay ON (85)
Hamilton "Hammy"   Amherst NS (99)
Hampshire Al ve7od@shaw.caxx Courtenay, BC (06/03)
Handspiker Red   Sydney NS (98).
Hanlan Tom   Ottawa ON (09/89)
Hanslip Dave   Winnipeg MB (11/01)
Harding Wayne   Calgary AB (98)
Harless Grover Wayne papaw323@aol.comxx Petersburg VA (02/03)
Harmata Eugene (Gene) eugene_harmata@hotmail.comxx Kingston ON (11/00)
Harris Al ajharris@mts.netxx Lac Du Bonnet MB (04/03)
Harris Ches   Gander NF (95)
Harris Roy   Winnipeg MB (12/97)
Harrison Bruce harribr@kos.netxx Kingston ON (01/07
Hartfield Forbes   Kamloops BC (69)
Hartman Phil   Dana SK (81)
Haseldean Chuck    
Hatfield Ben hatfield@cogeco.caxx Belleville ON (03/03)
Hatt Winston john316win@gmail.comxx Morrisburg ON (03/12)
Hawkes Ken khawkes@sasktel.netxx Moosejaw SK (09/02)
Hawkes Jim hockeypapa11@yahoo.caxx Foxboro ON (11/09)
Hawkins Rae hawkinsrae@hotmail.comxx Grande Cache AB (05/01)
Hay Collin   Kamloops BC (67)
Haycock Bud   Red Deer AB (01/01)
Haydon Jim   Dana SK (79)
Hayter Charles (Red) charlycrh@shaw.caxx Langley BC (01/12)
Hearns John   Trenton ON (08/97)
Heasler Hugh   Kingston ON (12/98)
Hebert Chris radarbear@gmail.comxx Greenwood NS (11/06)
Heisler Bob heislerb@sympatico.caxx Kanata ON (08/97)
Helpard Bill whelpard@fcpa.fujitsu.comxx San Jose CA USA (01/03)
Hembrey Bob   Truro NS (06/98)
Henderson Ches cchenderson@cogeco.caxx Trenton ON (03/02)
Henderson Wes wes_linda@sympatico.caxx Trenton ON (04/02)
Henley Dick Family contact Scott Henley
Dartmouth NS (deceased)
Hendrickson Terry turtle29@shaw.caxx Winnipeg MB (08/04)
Hendsbee Chuck   Hantsport NS (02/99)
Henker Don dhenker@sympatico.caxx Frankford, ON (03/06
Hennick Randy   Gagetown NB (09/99)
Herbert Les LandAHerbert@netscape.netxx Maple Ridge BC (09/00)
Herd Norman   Kamloops BC (deceased)
Herman Terry terry.herman@rogers.com Ottawa ON (02/10)
Hermanson Bob bphermanson@shaw.caxx White Rock BC (04/02)
Herring Phil   Petawawa ON (92)
Hessel Jim   Goose Bay NF (73)
Hester Ken   Winnipeg MB (05/03)
Hiebert Peter pmhiebert@sympatico.caxx Bobcaygeon ON (06/11)
Higgins Paul phiggins@hp.comxx Toronto ON (01/04)
Hildebrandt Art   Edmonton AB (09/89)
Hill Irv ihill@telus.netxx Red Deer AB (05/04)
Hill W.N. "Stretch" hunka@telusplanet.netxx Cold Lake AB (05/05)
Hindorff. Archie arch.hindorff@sympatico.caxx Oshawa ON (11/02)
Hingst Dale td.hingst@sympatico.caxx North Bay ON (08/97)
Hiscock. Troy   Gagetown NB (09/99)
Hodgson George ghodgson@reach.netxx Trenton ON (09/98)
Holder Rick   Cold Lake AB (05/99)
Holgate William (Bud) fordcarboy@eastlink.caxx Bedford NS (11/05)
Holland John holland.jg@forces.gc.caxx Kingston ON (07/05)
Holland Tim   Greenwood NS (12/98)
Holley S.W. (Bill) holleyfamily@3web.netxx Vancouver BC (03/00)
Holmans George gholmans@accesswave.caxx Halifax NS (09/01)
Holmberg Eric egh.egh@shaw.caxx Comox Valley BC (02/02)
Holwell Gerry holwell.gm@superweb.caxx Durrell NF (10/03)
Honsberger Hughie   St Catherines ON (96)
Hood John jnhood@eastlink.caxx Yarmouth NS (03/11)
Hooker Pete   Comox BC (08/97)
Horn Anthony anthonyrhorn@bigpond.comxx Geraldton West Australia (09/12)
Hornsby Wayne whornsby@telusplanet.netxx Slave Lake AB (05/00)
Horton Robert (Bob) gvr@mts.netxx Brandon MB (12/08)
Hossay Ray rayh@agt.netxx Vegreville AB (11/01)
Hough C   Edmonton AB (09/89)
Hough Eric    
Hough George   Quinte West ON (Deceased July 20 1986)
Houle Ray rhoule@oerlikon.caxx St Jean sur Richelieu QC (10/98)
(nee St Hilaire)
Jeannette yj142@telus.netxx Victoria BC (05/04)
Hounsome Jim yj142@victoria.tc.caxx Victoria BC(05/04)
Howard Lorne landlhow@hotmail.comxx Shediac NB (02/01)
Howard Robert (Howie) twoxsgt@rogers.comxx London ON (06/13)
Howard Terry tefh@aol.comxx Winnipeg MB (07/00)
Howell Ross   Ottawa ON (09/89)
Howie Ron   Goose Bay NF (73)
Howlett Fred cwohowlett@ns.sympatico.caxx Dartmouth NS (07/06)
Hoyle Robert (Bob) robert.hoyle@rogers.comxx Barrie ON (04/12
Hubble Dale   Kingston ON (deceased 1977)
Hubich Ken khubich@yahoo.comxx Comox BC (05/03)
Hulley Mike mhulley@sympatico.caxx Kingston ON (02/06)
Hume Randy r_hume@yahoo.comxx Orleans ON (12/98)
Humphry Ralph   Cornwall ON (02/99)
Hunda Ted   Yorkton SK (81)
Hunt Lionel (Newf)   Cold Lake AB (deceased 14 Jun 2013)
Hurtubese Mike    
Hussey Glenn m.a.g.hussey@sympatico.caxx Trenton ON (04/02)
Hutchings Stewart stew.sharon@shaw.caxx Devon AB (03/03)
Hutchinson Tom   Gypsumville MB (74)
Hynes Don brucehynes57@rogers.comxx Ottawa ON (12/03)
Hynes John. john_wanda.hynes@nf.sympatico.caxx Pasadena NF (03/00)

-: I :-

Last Name First/Nick Name EMAIL Last known whereabouts (mo/yr)
Ing Chu George   Ottawa ON (71)
Ingimundarson Gary g.ingimund@sympatico.caxx Ottawa ON (07/01)
Ingvardson Russ   Dana SK (81)
Ireland Herb hire@telusplanet.netxx Leduc AB (09/01)
Irwin James   Southampton ON (02/99).
Ivey David dhivey@gmail.comxx Port Rowan ON (01/12)
Ivey Ken jkivey@mts.netxx Niverville, MB

-: J :-

Last Name First/Nick Name EMAIL Last known whereabouts (mo/yr)
Jablonski Bob bandmjablonski@xplornet.caxx Red Deer AB (12/06)
Jackson Bill   Kamloops BC (98)
Jackson Carl   Bridgewater NS (12/98)
Jackson Gary   Hillbre MB (08/97)
Jameison Ken   Comox BC (09/89)
James Art lobbyludd@shaw.caxx Victoria BC (01/03)
James Greg gregorytjames@gmail.comxx Orleans ON(02/13)
James Howie BJAMES3545@aol.comxx Ottawa ON (03/00)
James Ken   Yorkton SK (deceased 13/12/98)
James George   Parksville BC (97)
Janes George   Greenwood NS (08/97)
Janes Tom   Red Deer AB (deceased (84?)
Janke Ed Edwin.janke05@gmail.comxx Yarmouth NS (08/12)
Jansma Eno   Mill Bay BC (01/97)
Jantz Jeff jeffreyjantz@gmail.comxx Ottawa ON (09/11)
Jardine Ted    
Jeary Bob   Ramore ON (74)
Jensen Stu   Chibougamau QC (07/63)
Jepson Dave DAVID.JEPSON@forces.gc.caxx Gander NF (06/09)
Johnson Bob bob.gloriaj@sympatico.caxx Trenton ON (03/05)
Johnson Curly   Foymount ON (01/59)
Johnson George   Ottawa ON (9?)
Johnson Marty mjohnsx@telusplanet.netxx Edmonton AB (02/08)
Johnson Norm   Winnipeg MB (98)
Johnson Pete   Ottawa ON (08/98)
Johnson Robert (Bob) cdnsprbb@kootenaycable.comxx Fernie BC (03/00)
Johnson Roy   Comox BC (10/97)
Johnston Walter R. (Ray) johnston_67@yahoo.caxx Miramichi NB (03/01)
Johnson Sid Family Contact
Carstairs AB (deceased)
Jollimore Dan   Halifax NS (92)
Jones Al   Penhold AB (73)
Jones Art   Kamloops BC (07/70)
Jordan Elmer elmer.jordan@sympatico.caxx Bath ON 01/03)
Jordan Mike   Senneterre QC (64)

-: K :-

Last Name First/Nick Name EMAIL Last known whereabouts (m0/yr)
Kane Allan J. Home: lkane@telus.net
Work: Kane.AJ@forces.gc.caxx
Cold Lake AB (09/03)
Kaptien Nick   Orleans ON (06/95)
Karandiuk Paul pkarandiuk@sympatico.caxx East Selkirk MB (11/01)
Karau Wally   Trenton ON (12/98)
Kasaboski Joe jkasaboski@sympatico.caxx Deep River ON (01/01)
Kathan Terry   Alsask SK (80)
Kawaguchi Jack   Baldy Hughes BC (63)
Kearney Bill   Trenton ON (75)
Kearns David dkearns41@yahoo.caxx North Bay ON (12/05)
Keenan Wayne   Murry River PE (98)
Keeping Brian bkeeping@yahoo.comxx Grande-Digue NB(11/09)
Keeping Dez    
Keeping Randell (Randy) rdkeeping@brunnet.netxx Fredericton NB (09/99)
Keith Thomas William tskeith@eastlink.caxx Morden NS (07/06)
Kelland Bob   Toronto ON (06/85)
Kelley Timothy gearyvet@canada.comxx Bruderheim AB (01/09)
Kellins Roy kitthw@netcom.caxx Kingston ON (09/98)
Kelly Chuck   Trenton ON (deceased)
Kelly Frank   Kamloops BC (deceased 23 Aug 04)
Kelly Larry   Indian Mountain NB (10/98)
Kelly Pat   Kingston ON (86)
Kendall Wally . Kingston ON (06/98)(deceased 25 Jan 06)
Kennedy Fred (Fritz) print.wise@sympatico.caxx Meaford ON (08/00)
Kenyon Gerald gkenyon9@cogeco.caxx Kingston ON (09/06)
Kerr Jim Family contact
Edmonton AB (deceased 94)
Killen Ernie ekillen@eastlink.caxx Wilmot NS (01/04)
Kilmar George   St Catherines ON (09/89)
King George   Lac St Denis QC (58)
King Greg dcoach_1@hotmail.comxx Trenton ON (02/02)
King Russ   Sydney NS (75)
Kirby Frank fkirby@stardate.bc.caxx Williams Lake BC (12/98)
Kirk Peter   North Bay ON (10/98)
Kisters Henry   Edmonton AB (09/89)
Kite Pat    
Klerks John jklerks1@rogers.comxx Ottawa ON (07/01)
Kluz Terry   Roseway NS (02/04)
Knezacek Lou Contact family at
Waskatenau AB (deceased 23 Dec 03)
Koenig Ted   Ottawa ON(86)
Kohlman Bill bkohlman@swbi,netxx Port Elgin ON(08/97)
Kohout Don   Amherst NS (98)
Korn Greg GregKorn@Sprint.caxx Orleans ON(01/00)
Korponay Joe   Winnipeg MB (06/95)
Kosikowsky Bud budsky1@yahoo.caxx Windsor ON (10/12)
Kostiuk Joe   Campbell River BC (85)
Kotilla Abe   Campbell River BC (deceased '83)
Kovacs William soilmechanic@gmail.comxx Peace Dale, RI (02/13)
Kowalchuck Ed   Gypsumville MB (74)
Kowalchuck Mike   Calgary AB (deceased 22/08/08)
Kraft Vic fandvkraft@shaw.caxx Kamloops BC (08/02)
Kuzyk Ken ken@emloc.caxx Onoway, AB (12/09)

-: L :-

Last Name First/Nick Name EMAIL Last known whereabouts (mo/yr)
LaBaree Gord   Sioux Lookout ON (67)
LaBarre Rene rene.labarre@globetrotter.netxx Batiscan, QC (10/11)  
Labelle Denis denlab@sympatico.caxx North Bay ON (03/01)
Labelle Joe   Eastern Shore area NS (04/98)
LaBerge Richard (Dick) dicklaberge@gmavt.netxx No.Ferrisburgh Vt (06/08)
Labonville Serge   Montreal QC (12/97)
Labrecque Guylaine   Cold Lake AB (90)
Lacasse Serge   Germany (08/97)
Lacey Ron   Bath ON (01/04)
Lachance Guy guy.lachance@sympatico.caxx Scarborough ON (11/99)
Lachrevotiere Chevy   (deceased)
Lafranchise Ed   Ottawa ON (01/75)(Deceased)
Lafranconi John   Kamloops BC (06/68)
Lahey Roy    
Laird John   Ottawa ON (09/89)
Laliberte Andre   Ottawa ON (90)
Lalonde John jrlalonde@shaw.caxx Sault St Marie ON (01/11)
Lamalice Dan   Luxembourg (12/98)
Lamb Arnie   Courtenay BC (01/04)
Lambert Michel lambertmichel@sympatico.caxx Aylmer QC (02/10)
Landry Dave   Dana SK (81)
Landry Steve   Ottawa ON (06/95)
Langley Doug   Shelburne NS (02/04)
Lanthier Bob   Dana SK (81)
Lantz George   Lac St Denis QC (71)
LaPalme Mike   Ottawa ON (12/97)
LaPointe Keith yoke@1000island.netxx Lansdowne, ON (17/11)
Lapointe Rej rej.lapointe@gmail.comxx Columbia SC USA (10/07)
Larmour Don Don_Larmour@telus.netxx Campbell River BC (02/04)
LaRose Dave dlarose@cgocable.netxx Kingston ON (08/97)
Larson (ex USAF) Wayne   Belle Plaine MN USA (054/04)
Latendre Pete bad-manor@shaw.caxx Qualicum Beach BC (02/02)
Latimer Ken   Ottawa ON (00/01)
Latour John   North Bay ON (10/95)
Latulippe George g.latulippe@teldrummond.netxx Quebec QC (01/13)
Lauritsen Hal   Beaverlodge AB
Laurin Bill laurinb@cogeco.caxx St. Catharines, ON (07/05
Lauritsen Leif l.lauritsen@rogers.comxx Brantford ON (08/04)
Lavallée Robert helbob@videotron.caxx  
Laverriere Jim   Comox BC (02/99)
Lavoie Henri Henri_Rosie@accesscomm.caxx Regina SK (06/02)
Lavoie Roch   Ottawa ON(03/96)
Lavoie Ray    
Lawrence Bill   Victoria BC (09/89)
Lawtey Bob   Cold Lake AB (08/97)
Lazell Ken   Winnipeg MB (12/99)
Leadbeater Brian bleadbeater@cogeco.caxx Kingston ON (03/03)
Leadbeater George gmlead@telusplanet.netxx Calgary AB (03/03)
Leal Gary   Halifax NS (deceased Mar 04)
Wartime Service
Stanley stanleaming@shaw.caxx Summerland BC (11/01)
LeBlanc David Harry dhleblanc@shaw.caxx Winnipeg MB (01/02)
Leblanc Vince   Red Deer AB (01/01)
LeBorgne Frank. c/o John LeBorgne
Middleton NS (deceased 06/03)
Lebrecque Jean   Collingwood ON (01)
LeCaine Fred clecaine@shaw.caxx Winnipeg MB (10/01)
Leclair Don   Gypsumville MB (79)
Leduc Michel lucie.michel@sympatico.caxx St Luc QC (97)
Leduc Ray   Innisfail AB (deceased 20/12/07)
Leduc Ron   Metz France (63)
Lee Dan   Penhold AB (63)
Lee Harry    
Légaré Bernard bernardlegare@sympatico.caxx Gatineau QC (12/08)
Legere Don    
Leikeim George   Calgary AB (12/98)
Lemieux Louis   (deceased)
Lemire Simon simonlemire@sympatico.caxx Ottawa ON (01/13)
Lemke Dave   Yorkton SK (deceased 01/01/07)
Lemna Boyd lemna@rogers.comxx Carleton Place ON (12/99)
Lemoine Pete   Kingston ON (03/96)
Lennie Gord   Baldy Hughes BC (86/87)
Lepage Roy    
Lepage Tom tjlepage@telus.netxx Airdrie AB (09/08)
Leroux Roland JO jeanninel@sympatico.caxx Marmora ON (12/03)
LeSieur Rheal (Ray) rheal.lesieur@cablevision.qc.caxx Temiscaming QC (09/07)
Lester Barrie blester@nbnet.nb.caxx Miramichi NB (01/99)
Levesque Gilles   Senneterre QC (07/64)
Levins Terry tlevins1@shaw.caxx Surrey BC (10/01)
Lewis Dave dclewis@eastlink.caxx Dartmouth NS (01/05)
Libby George   Coldbrook NS (deceased 27 Jun/11)
Lillies Keith klilliel@shaw.caxx Winnipeg MB (12/02)
Lincoln Ray   Armstrong ON (63)
Lindal Garnet (Moose)   Yorkton SK (10/98)
Lindsay John   North Bay ON
Ling Brian renbri@sasktel.netxx Pilot Butte MB (12/03)
Link Jack    
Linner Wayne mlinnerdad@hotmail.comxx Regina SK (01/04)
(ex USAF)
Marvin telecom_engineer@bigfoot.comxx Sea Bright, NJ (09/00)
Lloyd Doug kenneth47@sympatico.caxx Lucan ON (08/12)
Lloyd Ralph   (deceased)
Locke Dick   Chibougamau QC (06/64)(deceased)
Lockett John hjforsyth@rogers.comxx Ottawa ON(05/10)
Loerke Al al-lynne@shaw.caxx Prince George BC (02/04)
Lofvendahl James (Jim) jdlof@telus.netxx Camrose AB (08/10)
London Brian . Winnipeg MB (07/99)
Long Terry tjjlong@hotmail.caxx Bathurst NB (03/14)
Longmuir Ray rlongmui@sasktel.netxx Warman SK (10/10)
Lord Larry llord@magma.caxx Ottawa ON (03/00)
Lorenz James B. (Bernie) JBL5AFK53@AOL.COMxx Mount Ephraim, NJ, USA (05.03) .
Lorenz Randall Randy_Lorenz@legis.state.ak.usxx Palmer Alaska (06/00)
Love Glen glenlove@enviroflex.comxx Acton ON (01/07)
Lowe Wheldon   Dana SK (81)
Loyer Norm    
Lozell Ken   Europe (09/89)
Lukatus Pete   Yorkton SK (79)
Lunn Jack   Vernon BC (deceased 10/97)
Luoma Len ljluoma@shaw.caxx Courtenay BC (05/09)
Lydell Rich   Vancouver BC (09/89)
Lye Dudley dudlye@io.comxx Austin Texas (09/98)
Lynch Gerald (Jerry)   Barrington NS (Deceased May 75)
Lyons Bernie   Kingston ON (01/75)

-: M :-

Last Name First/Nick Name EMAIL Last known whereabouts (mo/yr)
MacAlpine Bob macalpin@nb.sympatico.caxx Moncton NB (05/01)
Macaulay Horace (Red) horace.macaulay@sympatico.caxx Ottawa ON (02/05)
Macauley Nelson topmop@shaw.caxx Winnipeg MB (deceased 24 Nov 02)
Macdonald AS (Shane)   Cold Lake AB (10/98)
MacDonald Bill billmary@nbnet.nb.caxx Moncton NB (deceased 05 Jun 12)
Macdonald Chuck   Gander NF (deceased 10 Aug 98)
Macdonald Dave    
MacDonald J. (Gordon) jgordonm@ns.sympatico.caxx St Croix, Hants County NS (04/06)
MacDonald John B.   Moisie QC (68)
Macdonald Keith   Comox BC (92)
Macdonald Robert (R-Squared)   Sydney NS (70)
MacDonald Ted R. tedarlene.macdonald@sympatico.caxx
Frankford ON (08/09)
Macdonald Wade   Moosejaw SK (12/99)
MacDonald Wayne   Barrington NS (86)
MacDougall Gerald bigmac@kingston.netxx Elgin ON (07/02)
MacEachern Wayne wmaceachern@sympatico.caxx Kingston ON (03/12)
MacEwen Glenn macewen@wordtek.comxx Princeton NJ, USA
MacFarlane Steve   Shearwater NS (08/97)
MacFie Douglas (Mac) Family Contact:
Langley BC (deceased Aug 6, 1989)
MacGillivray Gordon   Sydney NS (84)
MacGregor Dan    
MacIllwraith Mac   Sydney NS (76)
MacKay Dave   (believed deceased 75)
MacKay Don   Lac St Denis QC (58)
Mackellar Wayne bigmacw@hfx.eastlink.caxx Halifax NS (07/01)
MacKenzie Brian   Argyle NS (04/98)
Mackenzie David david.mackenzie1@sympatico.caxx Ottawa ON (03/00)
Mackenzie David E. dbm8@shaw.caxx Naramata, BC (01/06)
Mackenzie Dennis   Barrington NS (04/98)
MacKenzie John   Metz France (63)
MacKenzie Lorne lmackenzie@golden.netxx Stoney Creek ON (05/10)
MacKenzie Rick MacKenR@navcanada.caxx Yellowknife NWT (04/09)
Mackey Bob   Halifax NS (deceased 31/07/05)
MacKillop Chuck chuckmackillop@hotmail.comxx Orleans ON (03/96)
MacKillop Fraser   Kingston ON (06/98)
MacKillop Kyle hkm@eastlink.caxx Sydney NS (05/07)
MacKinnon John   Gypsumville MB (75)
Mackinnon Murray mack@seasidehighspeed.comxx Boularderie, Cape Breton,NS (01/11)
Mackinnon Rod   Barrington NS (84)
MacLean Evan emaclean@magma.caxx Orleans ON (12/98)
Maclean Gord   Charlottetown (Windslow) PE (08/98)
MacLean John johnwillmac2003@yahoo.caxx Mount Forest ON (01/12)
Macleod Tom tmacle0476@rogers.comxx Ottawa ON (01/07)
MacMurray Rodger    
MacNaughton Vance   Orleans ON (04/02)
MacPherson John   Sydney NS area (06/01)
Macpherson. Norman (Mac) nmacpherson@sk.sympatico.caxx Indian Head SK (05/01)
MacPherson Sandy   North Bay Ont (87)
MacQueen Bill bmacq@shaw.caxx Duncan BC (05/12)
MacWhirter Barrie Barriemacw@aol.comxx Ottawa ON (03/96)
Magee Alfred (Ed) aemagee@shaw.caxx Okanagan Falls, BC (10/09)
Magura Gerald (Jerry) kmgm@mts.netxx St Anne MB (12/03)
Mailloux Mark   Falconbridge ON (72)
Wartime Service
Daniel Family Contact
Beaverton ON (05/04)
Maki Gord   Hamilton ON (01/90)
Maki John   Summerland BC (deceased 02/03)
Maksymetz Wally   (deceased)
Malbouf Sylvie   Lac St.Denis QC (84)
Malin Richard (Dick) malinr@mar.dfo-mpo.gc.caxx Dartmouth NS (01/03)
Malish George groundsquirrel5@hotmail.comxx Regina SK (05/06)
Malloy Gord Lugord@magma.caxx Ottawa.ON (09/00)
Maltby Joe   Guelph ON (09/89)
Managh Stan smanagh@mts.netxx Winnipeg MB (03/02)
Manderson Tom tom.manderson@sympatico.caxx Goderich ON (03/07)
Mandriak Roger rmand@pldtdsl.netxx MAKATI CITY, PHILIPPINES
Manouvrier Dino dmanouvrier@cogeco.caxx Kingston ON (05/03)
Mansell Fred   Gypsumville MB (75).
MarcilDallaire Gerard G_marcil_D@ac-copy.comxx Germany (08/97)
Marier J.J.   ShawiniganQC (06/98)
Marcoux Sylvie   Lowther ON (83)
Marier JJ   Shawinigan QC (06/98)
Marquis Jack    
Marsh William (Bill) marsh_aok@yahoo.comxx Calgary AB (07/03)
Marsh Jack   (deceased)
Marshall Roy    
Marshall Ross   Falconbridge ON (74)
Martin Bob (Relic)   Naniamo BC (97)
Marzalek Hank   Lac St Denis QC (70)
Mason Mel   Langley BC 10/98)
Massie Don   Goose Bay NF (92)
Massey Roger   Alsask SK(68)
Masson Luc   Moisie QC (77)
Matheson Stew   Greenwood NS (98)
Mathews Edgar (Ed) ruthanded@nf.sympatico.caxx St Johns NF (02/03)
Mattie (Deveaux) Jan janmattie76@hotmail.comxx Eastern Passage NS (08/01)
Matusiak Nick   Kingston ON (05/00)
Maxfield Don donpearl@telus.netxx Prince George BC (01/11)
May Kevin kvnmay2@aol.comxx North Bay ON (03/10)
May Steve steve.may@sk.sympatico.caxx Saskatoon SK (02/01)
May Ted   Ottawa ON (09/89)
Maynard Jerry   Cold Lake AB(09/89)
Maynard Pierre smileycanada@yahoo.comxx Granby QC (11/06)
Mayor Mike mmayor@mail.compmore.netxx Kanata ON (11/98)
McAskill Scotty   Kingston ON (94)
McBain Roger   Leduc AB(deceased 08/96)
McCaffery (Hirtle) Frankie almac@shaw.caxx Courtenay BC (12/01)
McCaffrey Gary   Kamloops BC (02/98)
McCarthy Thomas tombettymccarthy@hotmail.comxx DartmouthNS (08/02)
McClintock Orlo (Mac) lizmac@ecn.ab.caxx Edmonton AB (03/11)
McConnell Bill   Puntzi Mtn BC (12/66)
McConnell Brian   Barrington NS (70)
McConnell Jack    
McCormack Beaton   Sydney NS (03/71)
McCormack Eric erdian@nbnet.nb.caxx Grand Bay - Westfield NB 11/04)
McCoy Ray rmccoy@mts.netxx Winnipeg MB (08/05)
McCulloch Robert . Whitby ON (11/00)
McDougall Ken   Ottawa ON (deceased 01/04)
McEwan Jim jimmcewan11@sympatico.caxx Ottawa ON (01/11)
McGaughey Dave davem@lks.netxx Trenton ON (02/99)
McGillivray John john.mcgillivray@nscc.caxx Dartmouth NS (04/98)
McGowan Todd mcgowant@reach.netxx Frankford ON (08/99)
McGrath Jim jim.mcgrath@sympatico.caxx Sault Ste Marie ON (08/05)
McGrath Phil phil.mcgrath@pwgsc.gc.caxx Ottawa ON (07/09)
McIntosh Ken McIntosh@vianet.on.caxx Corbeil ON (09/01)
McIntyre Arnold Arnold.McIntyre@ec.gc.caxx London ON (11/02)
McIver Ed   Orleans ON (08/97)
McKay Bill   Saskatoon SK (deceased 11/2000)
McKay Dave bertdave@shaw.caxx Courtenay BC (deceased)
(Interred Meaford ON 20 Nov 2010)
McKay John (Mac) jmckay@bell.netxx Kingsville ON (12/11)
McKay Ken   Trenton ON (09/89)
Mckinnon Ken klmckinnon@rogers.comxx Ottawa ON (03/11)
Mckinnon Vern   Lowther ON (deceased 01/1995)
McLaughlin Bill William_McLaughlin@telus.netxx 150 Mile House BC (11/99)
McLean Harry harold.mclean@sympatico.caxx Mississauga ON (11.03
Mcleod Don benson@junction.netxx Vernon BC (12/06)
Mcleod George   Primrose Lake, CFB Cold Lake AB (74)
Mcleod Norm   Regina SK (98)
McLeod Rod fesy@sk.sympatico.caxx Regina SK (03/99)
(ex USAF)
Gene gmcmanus@bwcinet.comxx Baltimore OH (03/98)
McMurray Roger roger.mcmurray@sympatico.caxx Brighton ON (10/00)
McSheffery Joe JMcShe@gmail.comxx Lewisporte NL (11/10)
McSherry Jerry   Waterford ON (Deceased July 20 2011)
McWilliams Jim   Fort Saskatchewan AB (11/98)
Meeds Brian bryan.meeds096@sympatico.caxx Frankford ON (09/06)
Meidell Larry larrymeidell@hotmail.comxx Toronto ON (09/89)
Meikle Bill bmeikle1@telus.netxx Calgary AB (10/09)
Meiklejohn Paul meikjopa@earthlink.netxx Blackville South Carolina(03/09)
Meilleur Jean-Luc bester@videotron.caxx St-Eustache, QC (04/11)
Meisner Bob   Qualicum Beach BC (98)
Melancon Claude   Grand-Mere QC (04/02)
Melancon Denis   Lac St DenisQC (80)
Melanson Charlie cmelanson@odyssey.on.caxx London ON (12/98)
Melanson Lou   Springhill NS (deceased)
Melnyk Tom   Sooke BC (12/98)
Mena Marc   Ottawa ON (92)
Mendonca Glenn glennmendonca@telus.netxx Comox BC (11/98)
Mendrikis Al   Petit de Grat NS (02/98)
Mercer Art   Oromocto NB (08/98)
Mercer Jim   Qualicum Beach BC (deceased 01/13)
Merchant Leon leon92@telus.netxx Chilliwack BC (09/05)
Mercer Ralph envoy@ralphmercer.caxx Mirimachi NB(10/11)
Mercier JC jc.48@hotmail.caxx Stony Plain AB (10/09)
Mercier Serge sergem@ripnet.comxx Kemptville ON (04/10)
Mesh Ivan   Gander NL (deceased 10/22/04)
Michaud Reg   Senneterre QC (01/69)
Michaluk Dennis W (Mitch) jdmichaluk@yourlink.caxx Sturgis SK
Middelveen John   Osgood ON (07/00)
Mierzwinski Ed   Woodbury NJ USA (11/98)
Millar Walt waltm2@shaw.caxx Penhold AB (02/08)
Miller Dick   Kingston ON (09/89)
Miller (CW) Dusty   Chibougamau QC (07/64)
Miller (NavAids) Dusty   Maidstone SK (08/98)
Miller Gerry   Alsask SK (69)
Miller Kim   Edmonton AB (05/99)
Mills Bob   Truro Heights NS (04/98)
Mills Russ   Barrie ON
Milne Shelley   Cold Lake ON (08/97)
Miner Gary gminer@rogers.comxx Ottawa ON (03/04)
Mitchell Joe (Red)   Oshawa ON
Mitchell Paul   Ottawa ON (02/99)
Moffatt Derek   Senneterre QC (64)
Mohr Dan   Brockville ON (09/89)
Mokellky Robert robmo@planet.eon.netxx Edmonton AB (deceased May,28/2012)
Mombourquette Mark mmombourquette@seaside.ns.caxx L'Ardoise NS (01/06)
Monkhouse Joe monkhous@mts.netxx Winnipeg MB (10/07)
Monroe Dick   Sioux Lookout ON (68)
Monsees Dennis   Primrose Lake, CFB Cold Lake AB (74)
Monsees Tex   Holberg BC (07/67)
Mooney Talmadge talmadgedmooney@bellsouth.netxx Gulfport, MS, USA (12/08)
Moore Bill wcm@telusplanet.netxx Cold Lake AB (04/00)
Moore Donald dkm43@cabletv.on.caxx Centralia ON (07/05)
Moore John trevett.moore@gmail.comxx Nepean ON(02/14)
Moore Rick rickmo@shaw.caxx Vancouver BC (08/00)
Moore Terry   London ON (06/87)
Moreau Ted tmoreau5@home.comxx Kingston ON (01/01)
Morehouse Daryl   St Margarets NB (09/89)
Morehouse Harry Sylviamorehouse@yahoo.comxx Comox BC (05/82)
Morgan Bud budm@mars.ark.comxx Royston BC (deceased 28 Jan 10)
Morin Roméo mailto:romeomorin@videotron.caxx Quebec QC (08/08)
Morissette Moe   Moisie QC (76)
Morneau Andy    
Morneau Paul    
Moroz Al   Ottawa ON (03/96)
Morrison Mel   Kingston ON (06/98)
Morrison Wayne waynemorrison50@hotmail.comxx Charlottetown PE (08/98)
Morrow Rick rmorrow@delfax.netxx North Bay ON (10/00)
Morrow Steve stevemorrow@sympatico.caxx Trenton ON (11/08)
Morton Bob alvinbob@telusplanet.netxx medicine Hat AB (09/02)
Morton Don   Regina SK (08/98)
Mosco Fred   Holberg BC (07/67)
Mosher Jim   Annapolis Valley NS (deceased 94)
Mousseau Bob   Brussels Belgium
Mousseau Francine   Yorkton SK (81)
Mostowy Nestor . Nanaimo BC (06/01)
Mott Rick   Kamloops BC (02/98)
Moysey Dave davemoy@shaw.caxx Medicine Hat AB (08/04)
Muelle Herbie   Clinton ON (68)
Muir Earl earl.muir@3web.netxx Winnipeg MB (04/01)
Muir Ian muirhome@cnx.netxx Vernon BC (07/00)
Muise Bob   Ottawa ON (12/97)
Muise Chester   Ottawa ON (08/97)
Muise Jim   Orleans ON (06/97)
Mullen Vern vcmullen@eastlink.caxx Kingston ON (01/05)
Mulroy James J. jimmulroy@rogers.comxx Newmarket ON (10/03)
Munroe Dick dmunroe42@hotmail.comxx St Albert AB (03/03)
Murdoch Peter peter.murdoch@forces.gc.caxx Cold Lake AB (01/12)
Murphy Tom   Summerside PE (09/89)
Murray Bruce Bruce.Murray@EC.GC.CAxx North Bay ON (11/98)
Murray Garry   Gypsumville MB (75)
Murtough Al amurto@shaw.caxx Comox BC (01/04)

-: N :-

Last Name Fisrt/Nick Name EMAIL Last known whereabouts (mo/yr)
Nadeau Jerry    
Nash Earl   Courtenay BC (93)
Nassy Andre   Trenton ON (07/96)
Naugler Dave   Trenton ON (09/89)
Nauss Andy   Holberg BC (88)
Nauss Dave   Ottawa ON (09/89)
Neal David (Dave) dkara@sasktel.netxx Allan SK (05/03)
Neil Jack   Red Deer AB(01/01)
Neilsen Peter   Shearwater NS (09/98)
Neldon Steve   Cornwall ON (93)
Nessman Dave    
Neufeld Hank   Sydney NS (73)
Neville Fred fredn@av.eastlink.caxx Greenwood NS (01/09)
Newell Randy   Westbank BC (deceased 01/Mar/01)
Nicholls Wayne (Nick) wnicholl@sympatico.caxx St. Thomas ON (07/04)
Nicholson Jim jnichol1@telusplanet.netxx Vegreville AB (01/02)
Nickerson Bert   North Bay ON (06/94)
Nickerson Schooner    
Nickerson Tom rtnickerson@rogers.comxx Ottawa (Orleans) ON (10/03)
Nicol Marc nicolage@cedep.netxx St-Eustache QC
(Deceased 01/06/00)
Nielsen Dan danl.nielsen@rogers.comxx Calgary AB (01/10)
Nielsen John jnielsen43@hotmail.comxx Burlington ON (01/01)
Nightingale Bill   Creston BC area
Nishina Art C/O
Huron Park ON (deceased 09/08)
Noël Régent rnoel48@videotron.caxx Va-Bélair QC (12/04)
Noon-Ward Doug   Gypsumville MB (79)
Normandeau JC   Winnipeg MB (08/97)
Norwich Steve norwich.spj@forces.gc.caxx Pembroke ON (04/04)
Nunn Dave dnunner@telus.netxx Sidney BC (05/06)
Nutter Phil Family contact:
Sioux Lookout ON (deceased 05/05/90)

-: O :-

Last Name First/Nick Name EMAIL Last known whereabouts (mo/yr)
Oakley Dennis dennis.oakley@sbcglobal.netxx Cold Lake AB (02/01)
Oberg Rodney rwoberg@hotmail.comxx Lacombe AB (13/05
OBlenis Obie   Orleans ON (08/97)
O'Brien Gerry gobrien@kamloops.netxx Kamloops BC (08/98)
O'Callaghan Mike   Kingston ON (09/99)
O'Connell John   Chatham NB (93)
O'Connor Bud   .Humboldt SK (03/98)
Octeau Fab   Tinker OK USA (07/99)
ODoherty Joe   Orleans ON
Ogilvie Wayne   Courtenay BC (97)
OHanley Bill (Patty)   Morell PE (90)
Okeefe Jack   Sylvan Lake AB (01/01)
deceased 14 Feb 06
OKeefe Tony   Cold Lake AB (11/98)
Olhousen Dick   Thunder Bay ON (10/98)
Oliver Bob   (deceased)
Olsen Murray (Oly)   (deceased Nov 91)
Ondic John   Dana SK (81)
O'Neal Jim    
O'Neill Kelvin (Kelly)   deceased 25 Oct 2010
O'Shea Dan doshea@telusplanet.netxx Cold Lake AB (01/01)
Osmond Don   Lac St Denis QC (55)
Ouellet Andy   Ottawa ON (07/01)
Ouellet Christine c.ouellet@ac-copy.comxx Geilenkirchen Germany (06/98)
Ouellet Marc   Chibougamau QC (80)
Owen Larry   Ottawa ON (09/89)

-: P :-

Last Name First/Nick Name EMAIL Last known whereabouts (mo/yr)
Packenham Don   Clyde River NS (deceased)
Paddick Bob   Cannington ON (deceased 01/28/97)
Page Bernie   Portage LaPrairie MB
Painchaud Michel   Montreal QC (deceased)
Palmer Earl   Surrey BC
Palmer Mitch mpalmer@king.igs.netxx Kingston ON (04/02)
Paquin Ben   Bagotville QC (09/89)
Paradis Denis husky121212@yahoo.comxx Sault Ste Marie ON (08/05)
Parama Walt   Vancouver BC (80)
Parent Bob   Nepean ON (12/98)
Parent Bernie   Chibougamau QC (07/64)
Parent. Pierre pparent@mts.netxx Gimli MB (03/06)
Parent Rodger   Hull QC (12/97)
Paris Jean-Pierre jrjpparis@hotmail.comxx North Bay ON (08/02)
Parker Fred   Lac St Denis QC (58)
Parker Sheldon   North Bay ON
Parkes Lyall. Contact Family at:
Victoria BC (Deceased 08/80)
Parsons GB (Chuck)   North Bay ON (deceased 15 Apr 2002)
Partyka Larry partypak@aol.comxx Streamwood Il
Paterson WR (Pat) aa657@ncf.caxx Ottawa ON (07/99)
Patmore-Went Peter   Kamloops BC (09/98)
Patterson GJ (Pat) zpatter@telusplanet.netxx Edmonton AB (07/05)
Patterson Jerry   New Glasgow NS (06/98).
Payne Barry   Belleville ON (07/83)
Peake Ernie    
Pearson Blair   Trenton ON (11/98)
Pearson Stan   Calgary AB (deceased 10/99)
Pedley Allan or Alain pedpot@sympatico.caxx Quebec QC (03/12)
Pegg Glenn   Trenton ON (08/97)
Penley David david.penley@xplornet.comxx Brighton ON (129/06)
Pennepede Frank   Port Hardy BC
Pentland Doug LV5ACRES@CS.COMxx Henderson Nevada (09/99)
Pepperdine Chuck   Ottawa ON (12/98)
Pernette Donald chrispernette@eastlink.caxx La Havre River NS (07/06)
Perras Claude   Ottawa ON(12/97)
Perrett Bill   England (09/89)
Perron Doug d&hperron@telus.netxx Campbell River BC (12/03)
Perron Guy R51@ns.sympatico.caxx Greenwood NS (12/03)
Peters AR   Yorkton SK (81)
Peters Patrick (Pat) pat.sal@sk.sympatico.caxx Preeceville SK (deceased 29/06/11)
Peterson JW (Jeff) peterson.jw@forces.gc.caxx Winnipeg MB(10/07)
Petrin Gerry gerrpet@gmail.comxx Winnipeg MB (11/11)
Pettifer Rick   Gypsumville MB (79)
Peturson Joe   Cold Lake AB (09/85)
Phelps Matt   Ottawa ON (11/98)
Phillips John johnphillips_30@sympatico.caxx Ottawa ON (01/07)
Phillips Len lenphil@telus.netxx Comox BC (08/06)
Phillips Roy   Prince George BC (09/89)
Phillips Russ   Thunder Bay ON
Phillips Wes   Trenton ON (deceased Aug 06)
Picard Gary gpicard@interbaun.comxx Edmonton AB (08/97)
Picard John jocop@sympatico.caxx Astorville ON(08/00)
Picard Yves yvespic4@sympatico.caxx Gatineau QC (06/10)
Pickering Keith   Gypsumville MB (77)
Pickett Cam   Red Deer AB (01/01)
Pieti John jpieti@telus.netxx Williams Lake BC (08/07)
Piquette Helene   Quebec City QC (07/98)
Plant Chuck mjcplant@rogers.comxx Ottawa ON (12/08)
Plouffe Jack jjlog@istar.caxx Kingston ON (04/02)
Plowright Rob robert_plowright@bc.sympatico.caxx Abbotsford BC (10/98)
Poirier Jazz jazzpoirier@pei.sympatico.caxx Charlottetown PE (12/99)
Poirier Michelle shielapalmer@sprint.caxx Gagetown NB (09/99)
Poirier Moe   Mont Apica QC (08/74)
Poirier Phil   Kingston ON (08/98)
Poirier Rachelle   Cold Lake AB (07/81)
Poissant Claude claude.poissant@videotron.caxx Montreal QC (05/07)
Poole Mike (Snake) mike.poole@nf.sympatico.caxx Goose Bay NF (07/98)
Poste Don jposte@wightman.caxx Mildmay ON (11/06)
Pothier Bernie bpothier@istar.caxx Grand Lake NS (04/98)
Potts Bob   Winnipeg MB (05/03)
Potvin Gaston   Lac St Denis QC (70)
Potvin Jean-Marc   Trenton ON (08/97)
Poulin Richard (Rick) rdpoulin@sprint.caxx Clayton ON (09/99)
Poulin Sylvain (Sly) skmjpoulin@videotron.caxx Ottawa ON (08/07)
Powell Stan   Barrington NS (98)
Power Brian icerunway@yahoo.comxx Ottawa ON (08/08)
Power Cletus   Kingston ON (06/98)
Power Gerald (Jerry) gpower@nbnet.nb.caxx St Ann NB (09/09)
Powley Bill pongo61@ns.sympatico.caxx Barrington NS (02/05)
Powney Mike empee@em-pee.comxx
Centennial CO (02/02)
Premack George gpremack@shaw.caxx Langley BC (03/01)
Prescott Roy royp@ripnet.comxx Smiths Falls ON (08/02)
Prevost Guy    
Prill Mickey   Nanaimo BC (04/02)
Pritchard Bevan   deceased
Prior Bob   Naniamo BC (deceased 2012)
Proulx Daniel proulxdaniel@videotron.caxx St-Eustache QC (12/02).
Provencher Win   Cold Lake AB (08/98)
Pruden Cliff   Jenner AB (01/01)
Prudhomme Claude.    
Pullen John   Neil's Harbour NS (deceased 05/01)
Pyke Dave davepyke@seaside.ns.caxx Dominion NS (01/04)

-: Q :-

Last Name First/Nick Name EMAIL Last known whereabouts (mo/yr)
Quesnel Ken dquesnel@shaw.caxx Red Deer AB(09/07)
Quigley Dermott wizardonhills@nf.sympatico.caxx Pasadena, NL (02/07)
Quimper John jquimper@telus.netxx Medicine Hat AB (01/02)
Quinn Charlie   Ottawa ON (deceased)

-: R :-

Last Name First/Nick Name EMAIL Last known whereabouts (mo/yr)
Rae Vic   (deceased)
Rainbow John   Vancouver BC(deceased 25 Apr 09)
Ralph Red   (deceased)
Ramsey Wayne wramsey@sympatico.caxx Trenton ON
North Bay ON eff. Jul 06
Ramshaw Bruce bramshaw@allcan.comxx Edmonton AB (18/11)
Randall Dale   Moosejaw SK (64)
Randall Don   Penhold AB (01/01)
Ranger Dan   CFS Lowther ON (67)
Rankin John   (deceased)
Rankin Ken   Ottawa ON (12/98)
Raper Wally   Prince George BC (84)
Raven George   (deceased 12/99)
Raw Ray raw2@telusplanet.netxx Medicine Halt AB (04/98)
Reals Vince   Clinton ON (63)
Redden Tex   Edmonton AB (08/97)
Redden Skip   Trenton ON (09/89)
Reeves John   Edmonton AB (12/97)
Reeves Tony   Barrington NS (01/62)
Regnier Guy guyregnier@videotron.caxx BagotvilleQC (06/00)
Reid Stan   Prince Albert SK(75)
Reilly Joe   Ottawa ON (deceased 16 Jun 2004)
Reiney Jim   Ottawa ON (09/89)
Reitmeier George   Red Deer AB (deceased 11 Sep 2012)
Rempel Peter salal@uniserve.comxx Chilliwack BC (01/99)
Renaud Joe   Deep River ON (deceased 02 Jun 99)
Renaud Harvey   Kingston ON (91).
Reshke Reg reg.reshke@gmail.comxx Kingston ON (02/13)
Rhind Tim ve4tjr@rac.caxx Winnipeg MB (07/02)
Rhodes James T Jim4096@sbcglobal.netxx Amarillo Texas
Ricard john   Falconbridge ON (72)
Rice Charles (Chuck) crice@mcsnet.caxx Bonneville AB (01/10)
Rice Doug   Trenton ON (07/83)
Rice Lorne   High River AB (02/98)
Richard Rick   Senneterre QC (64)
Richardson Larry   Ottawa ON (08/97)
Richardson Sid Richardson.SB@forces.gc.caxx Kingston ON (04/03)
Richer Murray me.richer@sympatico.caxx Morrisburg ON (01/08)
Ricketts Raymond TERRAY@ROGERS.COMxx STITTSVILLE, ON (11/10)
Riddell Al   Edmonton AB (04/00)
Rideout Gary gdrideout@gmail.comxx Campbellton NF (01/12)
Riley Claude chriley@nwon.comxx Atikokan ON (12/00)
Rivest Lianne   Malartic QC (05/99)
Roberts Ed   Gander NF 74)
Robertson Bruce t555764a@storm.caxx Carleton Place ON (07/09)
Robertson Ken (Robby) marg.k@telus.net xx Fort Saskatchewan AB (01/07)
Robertson Ken James   Nictaux NS (02/99)
Robertson Jim   Clinton ON (63)
Robichaud Reg Rubber_boot_dana@yahoo.caxx Oromocto NB (11/03)
Robichaud Yvon yrobicha@mondenet.comxx L'Ange-Gardien QC (06/00)
Robinson Earl   Winnipeg MB (05/03)
Robinson John   Sydney NS (98)
Lorin E. Family Contact: LNDENCH@COMCAST.NETxx Albuquerque, NM (deceased Aug 77)
Rodgers Randy randyrodgers@vif.comxx Carleton Place ON (10/11)
Roed Mel   Surrey BC (08/98)
Rogers Gary rogersg@eastlink.caxx Antigonish, NS (07/06)
Rolfe Danny   Gypsumville MB (77)
Rolfe George grolfe@telusplanet.netxx Grand Prairie AB (05/03)
Rollins Burt Burt_Rollins@sympatico.ca Sudbury ON (01/04)
Rondeau Jean-Marie (John) withheld by owner Cantley QC (01/01)
Ronnie Ollie   St Margarets NB (68)
Rooney Joe   (deceased)
Rose Cliff   Grand Centre AB (08/97)
Rosentreter Richard "Rosie" starfire@mymts.netxx Beausejour MB (02/13)
Ross Dave   Cold Lake AB (07/81)
Rousseau Jean   Winnipeg MB (09/89)
Rowe Chris cdg.rowe@sympatico.caxx Trenton ON (07/98)
Rowland Rolly   Trenton ON(09/89)
Roy Alain   Quebec City QC (08/97)
Roy Jean jujroy@videotron.caxx Gatineau QC (01/01)
Roy Pierre cepiroy@videotron.caxx Montreal QC (09/08)
Roy Ray   Toronto ON (09/89)
Royer Raymond (Ray)   Jonquiere, QC (02/04)
Rushton Paul prushton@cogeco.caxx Kingston ON (04/02)
Ruttan Tom   Kingston ON (deceased 05/83)
Ryhorchuk Allen (Chuck) joalr@sasktel.netxx Regina SK (02/02)

-: S :-

Last Name First/Nick Name EMAIL Last known whereabouts (mo/yr)
Saari Eric   Surrey BC (12/98)
Sadler Ron    
Salmon Wayne WJSalmon@yahoo.comxx Toronto ON (10/01)
Salois Frank   St Jean QC (09/89)
Saltchuk Vern vern.saltchuk@telus.netxx Vancouver BC (07/03)
Sanderson Sandy   Ottawa ON (09/89)
Sarty Willie willie_s30@hotmail.comxx Brighton ON (02/03)
Sasyniuk Walter waltersasyniuk@sasktel.netxx Kamsack SK (01/07)
Saulnier Pat pdsaulnier@acncanada.netxx Kingston ON (10/98)
Sauntry Frank sauntryf@nbnet.nb.caxx Fredericton NB (02/03)
Savard Pierre p_savard@videotron.caxx Chicoutimi QC (09/97)
Savage Dave dsavage1@aol.comxx St.Eugene ON (01/08)
Sawka Ed   Beausejour MB (68)
Sawyer Cyril (Tom) csawyer@intermap.comxx Sacramento CA USA (11/07)
Sawyers Jeffery jars@telusplanet.netxx Cold Lake AB (01/03)
Sayer Barb   Mont Apica QC (56)
Scarf Reg   North Bay ON (09/89)
Schildknecht Ralph ralph.schildknecht@tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.caxx Ottawa ON (08/08)
Schindler Gord gords@idirect.comxx Toronto ON (04/99)
Schlegel Robert (Bob) Robert.Schlegel@sympatico.caxx Ingleside ON (03/04)
Schlesinger Gary garsch@gmail.comxx Prince George BC (01/10)
Schmidt Kerry   Kingston ON (86)
Schnare Rick rickathy@ns.sympatico.caxx Blandford NS (05/13)
Schoonover Roy . Mississauga ON (09/00)
Schram Doug   Senneterre QC (64)
Schroeder Joe   Barrington NS (01/62)
Schropfer Keith pschrop@rttinc.comxx Red Deer AB (03/03)
Scollick John scollick@rogers.comxx Gloucester ON (12/08)
Scott Max   Goose Bay NF (73)
Scott Rick   North Bay ON (deceased 97)
Scriver Steve datalife40@hotmail.comxx Gaetz Brook, NS (09/04)
Seddon Ellis (Al) e_fseddon@shaw.caxx Winnipeg MB (07/03
Seitz Gerald (Jerry) jerdad@xplornet.caxx Ste Anne MB (01/05)
Selkirk Bart   Blind River ON (70)
Senechal Denis dsenechal@cox.netxx Edmond Oklahoma (03/98)
Sennebald Stretch mccsen@pacificcoast.netxx Victoria BC (02/98)
Serediuk George   Ottawa ON (09/89)
Sewards Joe   Barrington NS (80)
Seymour Paul pseymour@magma.caxx Ottawa ON (02/03)
Seymour Shawn shawn.seymour.ca@gmail.comxx Kingston ON (03/12)
Seywerd Dick ddseywerd@hotmail.comxx Cold Lake AB (03/10)
Shackleton Al (Shack) shackleton.at@forces.gc.caxx Trenton ON (11/03)
Shawcroft Ian   Holberg BC (88)
Shea Ray sheas@mail.ocis.netxx Kamloops BC (deceased Sep 25/11)
Shepherd A.B. (Shep) alli1@nf.sympatico.caxx Georges Lake,Cornerbrook.NF (02/06)
Sheppard Mike Pausha@reach.netxx Trenton ON (02/02)
Sheppard Winston wsheppard1@cogeco.caxx Kemptville ON (02/09)
Sherk Don dmsherk@gmail.comxx Richards Landing ON (08/12)
Sherr Larry   Stitsville ON (98)
Shields R.H. Wayne rhws@cogeco.caxx Burlington ON (03/07)
Shifflett John john.shifflett@sympatico.caxx Kingston ON (02/06)
Shillito Robert (Bob) rashill@telus.netxx Nelson BC (04/02)
Shoard Gord gshoard@sasktel.net Warman SK (10/03)
Shoup Warren   Dana SK (81)
Shufflebotham Gord   Peachland BC (05/07)
Siato Johnny   Beaverbank NS (60)
Sievert Richard randbsie@sio.midco.netxx Sioux Falls, SD USA (01/06)
Sievwright John jbsiev@telus.netxx Campbell River BC (09/06)
Siford Dave dsiford@shaw.caxx Red Deer AB (10/07)
Siford Pete petesiford@yahoo.comxx Middlebury, Connecticut (10/06)
Silvius Clare   Moosonee ON(72)
Sim Al   Nepean ONt (09/89)
Simmonds George   Kingston ON (12/98)
Sinclair Bob   Golden BC (80).
Sinclair George (Scotty) rob2roy@telusplanet.netxx Fort McLeod AB (01/03)
Sjolstrom Ray   Thunder Bay ON
Skerry Clayton cemskerry@shaw.caxx Portage LaPrairie MB (02/05)
Skinner William (Bill) wskinner@persona.caxx Peace River AB (11/05)
Slade Bill   (deceased)
Slingsby Joe    
Slipchuck Boris   Dana SK (72)
Slonski Rob   Esquimault BC (86)
Smith Bill bill@wtsmith.comxx Tampa FL (01/07)
Smith Drew   Moosonee ON(77)
Smith Earle (Smitty) t16ru672@telusplanet.netxx
Or: ve6nm@rac.caxx
Grande Prairie AB (12/98)
Smith Jerry   Halifax NS (73)
Smith Leslie   Kingston ON (05/00)
Smith Mike   Edmonton AB (07/81)
Smith Neil   Sydney NS (deceased 2002)
Smith Reg big_blue_honda@telus.netxx Calgary AB (12/03)
Smith Stan stan@prcn.orgxx Van Anda BC (11/02)
Snowdon Lee    
Soder Marty   Penhold AB (64)
Solway Albert (Sol) beral@videotron.caxx Dollard des Ormeaux QC (01/01)
Somerfield Lisa   Dana SK (79)
Somerville Ken   Shearwater NS (09/89)
Sommerfeld BE (Brad) bradleysommerfeld@hotmail.comxx Cold Lake AB (04/08)
Naples Italy (as of 07/08)
Souter Don donsouter@shaw.caxx Nanaimo BC (05/03)
Southward Ray (Critter) ramar13579@hotmail.comxx Wetaskiwin AB (04/09)
Spaetzel Bill adspae@telus.netxx Sydney BC (03/02)
Spangler Harrel (Don) h.spangler@mchsi.comxx Kelseyville, California (01/06)
Spears Clyde   Grand Bend ON (02/05)
Spears Wayne rws@mgl.caxx Elora ON (09/05)
Spence Doug   Spring Hill NS (01/98)
Spence Tom   Bible Hill, Truro NS (04/98)
Spenceley Kim   Kitchener ON
Spencer Logan troyspencer@eastlink.caxx Great Village NS (09/06)
Spidell Jack   Moncton NB (09/89)
Sproul Jim jsproul36@gmail.comxx Barrie ON (05/13)
Stacey Harold. hastacey@shaw.caxx Winnipeg MB (07/00)
Stadel Bob   Comox BC (deceased)
Stamer Greg   Gypsumville MB (79)
St. Amour Jean   Ottawa ON (09/97)
Stampe Bob stampefolk@shaw.caxx Vernon BC (07/00)
Stamper Bill   Gypsumville MB (76).
Stang Joseph (Joe) mariestang@xplornet.comxx Hughenden AB (deceased Mar 22 2013)
Steadman Joe   Penhold AB
Steadman Merv   Centerville NS (04/98)
St.Croix Raymond ray_stcroix@canoemail.comxx Ottawa ON (12/08)
Stecyk Lyle lstecyk@sasktel.netxx Regina SK (02/06)
Steele Dave   Ellershouse NS (05/02)
Steele Wayne   Falconbridge ON (72)
Steeve Dave   Gypsumville MB (76)
Stefan Bruce   Falconbridge ON (72)
Steindl Dave dsteindl@pgrhosp.hnet.bc.caxx Prince George BC (07/99)
Stenberg Larry   Lac du Bonnet MB (12/98)
Stevens Bill bill_stevens1@sympatico.ca.xx North Bay ON (09/07)
Stevens Lowell   Ramore ON (64)
Stevenson Fred   Kamloops BC (07/70)
Stewart Jack   Edgar ON (01/62)
Stickland Gerry    
Stiles Edward (Ted) edward.stiles@sympatico.caxx Ottawa ON (08/08)
Stiles Stan stanjoan@verizon.netxx Northport NS (03/09)
Stiller Dave   Tinker OK USA (07/99)
St.John Kevin   Kingston ON (08/97)
St.Marie Junior    
Stocker Bob   Edgar ON (01/62)
Stockill Wes zoomies54@aol.comxx Powassan ON (11/02)
Stoll Pete   Kamloops BC (73)
St Onge Bob bobstonge1@hotmail.comxx Cornwall PE (10/06)
St. Pierre Omer . Gatineau QC (01/98)
Stoneman Stoney   Kamloops BC (69)
Stott Robert   Gander NF (63)
Stover Jim   Saskatoon SK (12/98)
Strachan Gil electrospec@sympatico.caxx Trenton ON (12/98)
Strandt Doyle dstrandt@shaw.caxx Richmond BC (05/07)
Strangemore Vern   Gander NF (63)
Strickland Vance   Island of Grenada (07/97)
Stronski Gene   Vancouver BC (09/89)
Sullivan Jack   Camrose AB (08/02)
Sullivan Jim sgt_jim_sullivan@hotmail.comxx Ottawa ON (06/11)
Sullivan RT "Bob"   Winnipeg MB (deceased 19 Jun 2010)
Summerville Ken   Shearwater NS (09/89)
Surette Ben   Moisie QC (77)
Sutcliffe Fred   Courtenay BC (deceased 09/99)
Swanson Jerry jls4-1@juno.comxx San Luis Obispo, California
Swartman Bob sed@tcc.on.caxx. Kippen ON (01/07)
Sweeney Bob   Bell Isle NF (06/01)
Sweeney Jim jandv@cabletv.on.caxx Goderich ON (12/05)
Sweeney Lloyd   Stroud ON (12/98)
Sweet Glenn gsweet@sympatico.caxx Ayr ON (05/99)
Sweet Randy   Trenton ON (01/98)
Sylvestre Alain   Ottawa ON (96)
Symonds Joe   Greenwood NS (97)
Szata Al   Ottawa ON (12/98)

-: T :-

Last Name First/Nick Name EMAIL Last known whereabouts (mo/yr)
(Wartime Service)
Albert Roy. ar.taylor@3web.netxx London ON (06/01)
Taylor AJ ajtaylor560@hotmail.comxx Winnipeg MB (09/00)
Taylor Dave north_lite@sioux-online.comxx Sioux Lookout ON (16/05/01)
Taylor Ken   Red Deer AB ( 05/01)
Taylor Paul PatandPaulTaylor@rogers.comxx Ottawa ON (12/06)
Teather Steve steather@mts.netxx Winnipeg MB (01/07)
Tedley Pat   Trenton ON (07/98)
Tellier Joel   Gatineau QC (09/04)
Tennant Peter pstennant@shaw.caxx Vernon BC (07/02)
Tennier Terry B. terrytennier@hotmail.comxx Trenton ON (11/00)
Terrio Bernie   Sydney NS (85)
Terry Larry larryjoet@yahoo.comxx Toronto ON (06/04)
Tessier Mario mwt@live.caxx Beaconsfield QC (06/13)
Tessier Ray raytessier@persona.caxx Oliver BC (12/08)
Theus Dan   Los Angeles Cal (02/98)
Thibault Gerald gthibault@7oaks.orgxx Beausejour MB (02/02)
Thibault George   Digby NS (01/99)
Thibeau Gerry gerry.thibeau@sympatico.caxx Waterloo ON (06/05)
Thibert Raymond   St Jean sur Richelieu QC (10/98)
Thiboutot Rheal (Ray) rthiboutot@cogeco.caxx Brockville ON (02/08)
Thistle Calvin ccr@ns.sympatico.caxx Sydney NS (04/99)
Thomas Fred   Chilliwack BC (95)
Thompson Doug   Kemptville ON (08/98)
Thompson Herman   Trenton ON (08/03)
Thompson Ian   Trenton ON (07/98)
Thompson Jack   Grand Center AB (07/81)
Thompson Wayne dotway.thompson@sympatico.caxx London ON (12/98)
Thornborrow Al   Scarborough ON (98)
Thoms Gary garythoms@sympatico.caxx North Bay ON (10/02)
Thorne Peter po.thorne@rogers.comxx Orangeville ON (12/00)
Thornhill Brent   Sioux Lookout ON (06/84)
Tidwell (ex USAF) Robert (Bob) W bob.t@mindspring.comxx Gardendale AL (12/99)
Tober Wilf   Ottawa ON (94)
Tonison Roy    
Tonkin Al.   Hamilton ON
Tootoosis Harvey hhtootoo@shaw.caxx Saskatoon SK (01/02)
Torens Brad   Kingston ON (91)
Toronski Wilf    
Torrito Franco torrito@rogers.comxx Ottawa ON (03/06)
Tracey Bill   Orleans ON (10/04)
Trainor Ben ben_trainor@telus.netxx Kelowna BC (10/04)
Trainor Bruce brucetrainor@shaw.caxx Courtenay BC (08/08)
Trainor Desmond (Des) destrainor@yahoo.caxx Kingston ON (01/06)
Tremblay Alain   Trenton ON(09/97)
Tremblay Louis trenet@sympatico.caxx Ottawa ON (04/07)
Tremblay Wes wtremblay@cogeco.caxx Burlington ON (01/06)
Tripple Carl   Picton ON (04/98)
Trommels Mark mtrommels@cogeco.caxx Niagara Falls ON (04/04)
Tucker Abner abnert@aftp.caxx St John's NF (06/10)
Tucker Bob crtucker@telus.netxx Port Hardy BC (04/08)
Tucker Doug Doug.Tucker@sympatico.caxx Ottawa ON (08/06)
Turcotte George   Vernon BC (09/99
Turcotte Gilles   Lac St Denis QC (71)
Turcotte Jean-Louis jlturcotte@hotmail.comxx St-Jean sur Richelieu QC (01/02)
Turner(Saunders) Ann andoturn@juno.comxx Stratford ON (09/01)
Turner Daniel danturner@roadrunner.nf.netxx Gander NF (02/02)

-: U :-

Last Name First/Nick Name EMAIL Last known whereabouts (mo/yr)
Uhl Ray iruhl@shaw.caxx Comox BC (12/11)
Ulrich Melvin melulrich@hotmail.comxx Medicine Hat AB (01/99)
Urban Rick donarick@telusplanet.netxx Tofield AB (11/06)
Uteck Donald lhprairie@sk.sympatico.caxx LaFleche, Sk. (07/01)
(wartime service)
Arthur utts@sympatico.caxx Owen sound ON (08/01)

-: V :-

Last Name First/Nick Name EMAIL Last known whereabouts (mo/yr)
Valdron Herm   North Bay ON
Vaillancourt Claude cvaillan59@videotron.caxx St-Luc-Sur-Richelieu QC (03/09)
Valanne Bruce   Moisie QC (68)
Vale Patrick slicer@thezone.netxx Gander NF (12/97)
Vallaster Bob   Yorkton SK (10/98)
Vandale Art . Calgary AB (deceased Jun 2005)
Vanderborn Bert   Cold Lake AB (05/99)
Van de Ven Jim   Kingston ON (deceased Mar 96)
Vasser Ron   Goose Bay NF (86)
Veillette Roland (Max) rolandveillette@rogers.comxx Toronto ON (01/04)
Veilleux> Jean-Marc jeanm56@hotmail.caxx Gatineau QC (03/11)
Venables Art cvenables2@shaw.caxx Winnipeg MB
Vercammen Frank   Calgary AB (deceased 9/10/91
Verheyde Bert verheyde@shaw.caxx Prince George BC (11/06)
Verrault Richard   Bagotville QC (09/97)
Viel Andy   Moisie QC (68)
Viel Bob   Camp Borden ON (04/98)
Vigneault Maurice Andre (Johnny) vig@mondenet.comxx Ottawa ON (08/07)
Villeneuve Paul neustad@angelfire.comxx Gatineau QC (04/02)
Vincent Neil   Gander NF (deceased)
Visser Ron   Trenton ON (07/98)
Voigt Tom radar2@shaw.caxx Chilliwack BC (04/09)

-: W :-

Last Name First/Nick Name EMAIL Last known whereabouts (mo/yr)
Wagar Jim   Napanee ON (08/00)
Wagner Brian b.wagner@ns.sympatico.caxx Wilmot NS (08/01)
Wairman Doug   Toronto ON (deceased)
Walker Al   North Bay ON
Walker Brian walkers@telusplanet.netxx Cold Lake AB (12/98)
Walker Terry jtwalker@execulink.comxx Ingersol ON (deceased 02/08)
Walkey Jim jwalk@compmore.netxx Kanata ON (06/04)
Walkey Lorne   Alsask SK (69)
Wallace Bob   Grand Centre AB (05/99)
Waller Bill   Port Hardy BC (deceased)
Walpole Jeffrey   Portage LaPrairie MB (02/03)
Walsh Jim    
Walters Evan (Stretch) sfifa@klis.comxx Barrington Area NS (04/98)
Ward Doug   Trenton ON (deceased)
Ward Jim   Wales (UK) (09/89)
Ward Keith Butchieboy@ns.sympatico.caxx Antigonish NS (06/11)
Ward Nancy   Mont Apica QC (55)
Ware Bruce   Edmonton AB (07/81)
Waterston Bob   Armstrong ON
Comm Tech
Don donald.watson@telus.netxx St Albert AB (06/09)
Watson Gerry gwatson@islandnet.comxx Victoria BC (02/99)
Waye Stacey   Shearwater NS (09/98)
Wayner Gary   Trenton ON(97)
Weatherdon James macjims@nbnet.nb.caxx Riverview NB (09/10)
Webb Wayne watmar1151@hotmail.comxx Niagara Falls ON (04/09)
Webster Ernie   Goose Bay NF (73)
Wehinger Bill wehinger@telusplanet.netxx Cold Lake AB (05/99)
Weiten Marty marade@islandnet.comxx Ladysmith BC (02/99)
Weitzel Bob RWEI120303@AOL.COMxx Richmond VA (09/04)
Welland Fred    
Wells Jeff jlw@netscape.caxx Oromocto NB (02/05)
Welsh James (Jim) jkwelsh@hotmail.comxx Red Deer AB (03/05)
Wensley Brian brianwensley@royallepage.caxx or
Oliver BC (12/08)
West Mike LENA_WEST@telus.netxx Victoria BC (11/99)
Westhaver Morris   Barrington NS (84) (deceased)
Westman Ray   Innisfail AB (08/98)
Weston Gary   Winnipeg MB (10/97)
Westover Ken . Kamloops BC (deceased 11 Nov 2012)
Whalley Bill william.whalley@symatico.caxx North Bay ON (08/04)
White Bob   Falconbridge ON (72)
White Joe joeywhite@rogers.comxx Ottawa ON (09/02)
White Terry white.ta@home.comxx Orleans ON (10/01)
White Tom radar231@canada.caxx Bedford NS (01/03)
Whitehouse Gordon cgwhitehouse@rogers.comxx Fredericton NB
Whitehouse John   North Bay ON (05/97)
Whitney Terry twhitney@cacnetworks.comxx Stony Plain AB (10/98)
Whittaker Rena bob.rena@telus.netxx Grand Center AB (10/12)
Whittaker Al   Gambo NF (08/98)
Whittingham Scott    
Whyte Leo whytelis@shaw.caxx Saskatoon SK (06/03)
Wieffering Bill billwief@rogers.comxx London ON (12/07)
Wilby John wad99@telusplanet.netxx Cold Lake AB (09/99)
Wilcox Gary   Trenton ON (08/97)
Wilder Don donawilder@shaw.caxx Edmonton AB (01/02)
Wilkinson Red   Dana SK (deceased 97)
Willaby Jim   Ottawa ON (09/89)
Willer Tom   North Bay ON (06/66)
Williams Dave   Ottawa ON (09/89)
Williams Chester   Ottawa ON (06/95)
Williams Gary   Kingston ON (12/98)
Williams Paul (Willie)   Courtenay BC (deceased 03 mar 06)
Williams Ollie   North Bay ON (06/66)
Williamson Joe   Falconbridge ON (80)
Williamson Ken jkw@planet.eon.netxx Edmonton AB (02/99)
Willis Steve   Bella Coola BC (02/99)
Comm Tech
Charles "Carman" (Chuck) donnybrk@nbnet.nb.caxx Miramichi NB (01/04
Wilson Bob   Dana SK (70)
Wilson Charles
wartime service
  Ottawa ON (deceased 75)
Wilson Gerald (Gerry) fgwilson@telusplanet.netxx Cold Lake AB (01/01)
Wilson John H wilson29@sympaticoxx Nepean ON (12/08)
Wilson Larry lwilson@magma.caxx Orleans ON (09/07)
Wilson Sandy   Central west River NS (02/99)
Winchester Keith keithw@ontera.netxx Powassan ON (09/07)
Windsor Bill   Senneterre QC (73)
Windsor Bob   Shelburne NS (04/98)
Windsor Teresa teresajean@live.caxx Trenton ON (06/13)
Winter Dave wvrr@shaw.caxx Peachland BC (11/08)
Wixson Jack Family contact Randy Wilson at
South Porcupine ON (deceased Jan 31/09)
Wohlgemuth Neil nwohlg@gmail.comxx Granse Prairie AB (12/12)
Wolfe Brad   Kingston ON (94)
Wood Jim   Prince George BC (06/74)
Wood Patrick patrickwood60@msn.comxx Enfield NS
Wood Sid sid.wood@rogers.comxx xx Ottawa ON (07/11)
Wood William (Bill) wood@mountaincable.netxx Caledonia,ON (10/07)
Wood Wayne   Holberg BC (07/78)
Woodman Aubrey (Woody) aubw@hotmail.comxx New Harbour NL (11/08)
Woodruff Ray woody-s@shaw.caxx Victoria BC (07/05)
Woods Norm   Foymount ON (61)
Worsfold Ken   Comox BC (Deceased 83)
Wright Ted   Halifax NS (deceased 2006 or 07)
Wright Vince vwright@accesscomm.caxx Regina SK (09/98)
Wylie Bill   Foymount ON (01/59)
Wylie Jack   Belleville ON (01/67)
Wyman Fred   Bagotville QC (09/89)
Wyndham Arthur   Acme AB (deceased 09/99)

-: Y :-

Last Name First/Nick Name EMAIL Last known whereabouts (mo/yr)
Yakimenko Gerry   Calgary AB
Yetman Joe   Holberg BC (07/78)
Yetman Les   Europe (09/89)
Young Bob bob.young@odyssey.on.caxx Clinton ON (12/98)
Young Bruce   Moosejaw SK (01/98)
Young Eric guitar.fever@gmail.comxx North Bay ON (01/07)
Young John   Sydney NS (04/98)
Young Larry   Vancouver BC
Young Robert   Clinton ON (09/98)
Yuck Kevan kyuck@telus.netxx Edmonton AB (12/10)

-: Z :-

Last Name First/Nick Name EMAIL Last known whereabouts (mo/yr)
Zacharias Wayne zzaaxx@sasktel.netxx North Battleford SK (04/02)
Zahalan Paul pkzahalan@comcast.netxx Brooklyn Park MN USA (12/10)
Zedner Ralph   Moosejaw SK (64)
Zeitzoff Michael    
Ziemlanski Joe joezis@telus.netxx Coquitlam BC (12/03)
Zillwood John john@zillwood.comxx Chilliwack BC (08/09)
Zimmerman klaus (Ziggy)   Ottawa ON (deceased 01/00)
Zuck Bill wzuck@telusplanet.netxx Cochrane AB (04/02)
Zullich George gzullich@geonetics.netxx Winnipeg (St James) MB (04/02)