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The Radar Tech "Old Boys Page"Where did they go? Look 'em up and see!! (Includes Last Known Whereabouts and E-mail Addresses)

Larry's Radar Tech Page Devoted to the (CW) Radar Techs of the CADIN Pinetree Radar Chain (with whom I served, 1962-1987)

Pinetree Line Radar Sqn Crests

RCAF Station Clinton Home of Radar in Canada!

The Mid Canada Line

The Mid Canada Line Contact Page (includes Company/Job title; Sites served at and dates; email addresses)

The DEW Line

The DEWLiner Contact Page (includes Job titles; Sites served at and dates; E-mail addresses)

The North Warning System (Canadian Portion)

The Saglek Saga, A Crash in the Wilderness, December 1942 A true story of the Determination to Survive


Air Defence Online Radar Museum


White Alice Communications System

Tropo Scatter Systems around the world


JF's Badge Collection

CFSRS Online Old timers

AVRO Lancaster KB882 Preservation & Restoration website

"Wings For Freedom" The Royal Canadian Airforce Story

Canadian Air Force Brats Association

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